Pisces is the twelfth sign in the zodiac and includes birthdays between February 19 and March 20.

Individuals born under the Pisces zodiac sign typically possess a strong sense of intuition, compassion, and creativity. They love to use these qualities to help others in a number of unique and imaginative ways.

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A range of businesses can suit the Pisces entrepreneur well, as outlined in this list of 17 business ideas. Grouped into four categories, each of these Pisces business ideas includes an assessment of the associated startup costs, required skill level, and earning potential.

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Photography Business Image

The mainstay of many professional photographers is their ability to work at live events and capture critical moments as they unfold.  The giving nature of Pisces entrepreneurs makes them particularly well-suited to sharing in the joys and accomplishments of others by photographing their special events. Whether self-taught or earned through formal training, photographers need well-honed technical skills to produce high-quality, final products.

You can start a photography business with little more than a camera, editing software, and some good marketing. Profits can build slowly, but the average photographer earns around $44,000 per year once established. With the right clients, a strong portfolio, and some persistence, a photography business can be very lucrative. Earning and growth potential closely aligns with the specific niche you choose. Wedding photographers, for example, average more than $100,000 annually.

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Distillery Business Image

Distilleries make liquors to sell to third parties or directly to consumers via their own storefront or related restaurant. Distilleries require a love for alcohol and the ability to research and design your own signature recipes. Creative Pisces business owners can bring a personal touch to this work while finding great satisfaction from watching others enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Opening even a small distillery requires a major investment. You’ll need to rent a space, purchase distilling equipment, obtain the required state licenses and permits, and pay at least a small staff. Modest estimates put your initial costs around $350,000, with larger operations running into the millions. However, this $450 million industry also offers great earning potential to those able to successfully enter the market and produce quality products.

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Cruise Line Image

Cruise lines use one or more ships to take passengers on romantic, relaxing, adventurous excursions on the water. Their offerings range from small lake or river cruises to large ocean cruises. As a business opportunity, this is an ideal match for Pisces entrepreneurs who can engage both their romantic, creative nature and love of the water. Whether or not your passengers disembark at ports of call or simply enjoy dinner and drinks on the water, creating a unique, well-designed, and enjoyable onboard experience is critical to your success.

Starting a cruise line is a costly endeavor. At a minimum, you’ll need to purchase or charter one or more ships, outfit them with the necessary furnishings and accommodations, obtain all required permits and licenses, purchase extensive liability insurance, and cover the cost of other supplies and staff.

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Dating Service Image

Dating services help individuals connect romantically, either through technology or in-person meetings. For compassionate, creative, and caring Pisces entrepreneurs, this can offer a very rewarding business venture. No formal education or training is necessary, but strong people skills, good intuition, and a background in web or application development can help you start this type of business.

Startup costs will depend on the type of service you’d like to provide. You can usually create a basic website for just a few thousand dollars, but you should expect to invest up to $50,000 for web design and advertising if you want to compete with top-of-the-line services.

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Home Theater Installation Business Image

A home theater installation business specializes in setting up audio and video equipment for individual home theaters. This business requires a great deal of creativity and skill to translate your clients’ dreams into reality — qualities Pisces business owners can offer readily.

Beyond residential installations and modifications, this line of work also serves commercial entities, such as churches, schools, and businesses seeking to configure their meeting rooms with better audiovisual options.  

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Karaoke Bar Image

Karaoke bars provide a fun atmosphere in which customers can eat, drink, socialize, and showcase their love of singing among friends. For music-loving Pisces entrepreneurs, opening a karaoke bar can be a wonderful way to use their compassion and creativity to build a friendly environment in which people can open up and let loose. Previous experience working in or managing a bar is helpful, but not required.

Startup costs will vary depending on your location and how much work you need to do to create your space. If you can rent or purchase a space already outfitted as a bar, you can significantly reduce your costs. When starting from scratch, the costs can total as high as $850,000 with about $20,000 per month in operating costs. The average bar generates approximately $25,000 to $30,000 each month, meaning you’ll have the potential to earn solid profits over time.

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Life Coaching Business Image

Life coaches help people advance themselves in their personal or professional lives. While many people know they want to continue to grow and develop themselves, they can struggle with the vision or execution needed to make those improvements. Life coaches not only help clients choose a path that suits their desires and skills, but also help set the goals to get them there.

This career makes an ideal fit for Pisces entrepreneurs because it leverages their intuitive, caring nature as well as their passion for helping others and their ability to see and understand someone’s potential.

Learn how to start a life coaching business.


Counseling Center Image

A counseling center offers mental health services and support to members of the community. Whether staffed by a single counselor or a team of counselors with similar areas of expertise, counseling centers can succeed in many local areas. You’ll need at least a master’s degree in psychology to become a licensed counselor and a doctorate to become a licensed psychologist.

Beyond the cost of education and certification, you can start this business on a budget by working from your home. Costs will increase significantly if you decide to open an office location. Counselors typically charge a minimum of $60 per hour, making this a very lucrative venture if you’re able to maintain a steady stream of repeat clients. You may decide to remain a small, one-person practice, or bring on additional counselors or psychologists to expand your business.

Learn how to start a counseling center.



Tattoo Parlor Image

Tattoo artists create beautiful and unique body art for their clients. Because tattoos are a very personal form of art, this business offers an ideal combination of customer service and artistic talent — two areas in which Pisces business owners can excel. Most tattoo artists complete an apprenticeship before they can begin working on their own, and many states require a professional license to start this type of business.

Startup costs will vary based on your location, the size of your space, and if you plan to run a one-person business or hire additional tattoo artists. You will need high-quality equipment and all necessary insurance before opening your doors. Clients typically pay by the hour, and your hourly rate will depend on the local market and your skill set. This business offers a large earning potential if you can establish a strong reputation.

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Music Lessons Business Image

A music lessons business works with aspiring musicians of all skill levels to build and hone their musical abilities. Musically gifted Pisces entrepreneurs can find success and satisfaction in this business, working closely with others and sharing their talents. While a degree in music can prove helpful, the most important requirements include strong musical ability and excellent communication skills.

Because you can start a music lessons business from your home, you can expect minimal startup costs. You will, however, need to focus on effectively advertising your services and building a reputation in your area. Your earnings will depend on how many clients you’re able to serve and how much you charge per lesson. You can start small and then expand into a larger studio with additional instructors and lessons.

Learn how to start a music lessons business.


Mural Painting Business Image

Mural painters specialize in creating unique works of art that cover large areas both inside and outside of buildings. Individuals and businesses hire mural painters to commemorate a special event or bring their artistic flair to a space that needs more character.

This can be a great opportunity for Pisces entrepreneurs to work closely with others to create a piece of art that fits their individual needs. No formal experience is necessary, but a strong art portfolio and word-of-mouth recommendations can help you succeed in this business.

Learn how to start a mural painting business.


Film Production Company Image

A film production company creates, produces, and markets long- or short-form film or video content. Film production offers a great deal of flexibility — something Pisces entrepreneurs thrive on — so it’s a great match for those passionate about this line of work.

You may specialize in feature films, documentaries, advertising, industrial films, corporate training, or television programming. A degree in film can prove helpful, but talent and hard work are the most essential ingredients for success. It’s also a good idea to seek membership in relevant professional organizations, such as the Producers Guild of America.

Learn how to start a film production company.



Clamming Business Image

While some commercial clamming operations use boats to fish for clams in open water, small business owners collect many of the clams people consume each year on land. Clamming is an excellent opportunity for sea-loving Pisces entrepreneurs to spend their days by the water and build a flexible schedule.

No formal education is necessary, but speaking with experienced clammers in your area or taking a brief course can help you start strong. You also will need the ability to do hard physical work for several hours each day.

Learn how to start a clamming business.


Etsy Entrepreneur Business Image

An Etsy entrepreneur business sells vintage or handmade goods on the Etsy online marketplace. For a Pisces entrepreneur who loves making and selling handmade goods, this can be an excellent, flexible, and profitable pursuit. Successful Etsy entrepreneurs have natural talent, a strong work ethic, and the ability to make their products stand out from the crowd.

Startup costs are very low but can vary depending on the specific products you’re creating and the supplies and equipment you need. Similarly, your earning potential will depend on the price point of your products, the success of your marketing, and how much time you dedicate to the business.

Learn how to start an Etsy entrepreneur business.


Fish Farm Image

Fish farms operate for the purpose of raising fish for commercial and residential sales. For those born under the fish zodiac sign, running a fish farm can be a great business option. To get started, you need to learn the basics of raising fish and acquire any permits or licenses necessary to operate this type of business in your state.

Startup costs will vary depending on the type of fish you choose to farm and the size of your operation. Many fish farmers build their business on their own property. The costs to install and fill ponds as well as purchase all required equipment and supplies can total nearly $500,000.

Learn how to start a fish farm.


Craft Store Image

Craft stores help other creative individuals gather supplies needed to create their own projects and works of art. While many craft stores operate in brick-and-mortar locations, small business owners may prefer to minimize their costs by operating online. This business offers people-centric Pisces entrepreneurs the opportunity to interact with others and share their passions with their customers.  

Your startup costs will depend on whether you begin as an online store or choose to open a brick-and-mortar location. The costs of opening a retail store can be considerable when you account for renting a space, outfitting the interior, and stocking your shelves.

Learn how to start a craft store.


Jewelry Store Image

Jewelry businesses come in many forms, with some specializing in the fabrication and sale of unique pieces, some focusing on the resale of estate or secondhand pieces, and others sourcing their products from a range of suppliers. Jewelry purchases often involve a very personal and significant experience, coinciding with special occasions and life events.

As such, a Pisces business owner can thrive in this customer-centric business because it leverages their natural abilities in building strong personal relationships and providing personalized service.

Learn how to start a jewelry store.

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