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12 Beautiful GoDaddy Website Examples for Small Businesses

Are you curious what a finished website could look like if you use GoDaddy? We examined hundreds of websites and found 12 GoDaddy website examples from different industries that perfectly demonstrate what’s possible with this powerful website builder.

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GoDaddy website examples.

12 Examples of Beautiful Websites Built With GoDaddy

GoDaddy is known for being one of the easiest website builders to use. If you’re ready to get started on your own GoDaddy website, check out our step-by-step guide designed to help you create a new website for your business today. Use these website examples for inspiration to create your own masterpiece.

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1. J Brewer and Associates (General Contractor)

GoDaddy website Example.

J Brewer and Associates general contractor expertly uses photographs of its work to illustrate past projects on its GoDaddy website. Under the “Services” tab in the main navigation menu, the company lists the different types of construction services it offers. In addition, this site’s “Photo Gallery” page features many examples of the company’s work.

By highlighting its business phone number in the homepage header image, this contractor also makes it easy for potential customers to make contact.

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2. Stokesay Castle (Event Venue)

GoDaddy website Example.

Stokesay castle is in Pennsylvania and hosts weddings and other events. It uses a slideshow in its homepage header to illustrate the different types of events commonly held there.

Under the “Stokesay Events” tab in the main navigation menu, this business uses GoDaddy’s calendar feature to list its upcoming special events. Its on-site restaurant, The Knight’s Pub, has its own GoDaddy website complete with dine-in and take-out menus, a place to purchase gift cards, and more.

3. Lametra B. Off (Business Coach)

GoDaddy website Example.

Lametra B. Off business coach created a truly engaging website with GoDaddy. Along the top of the homepage, for example, she uses the GoDaddy website builder’s promotional banner feature to make an announcement that includes an eye-catching, animated seasonal decoration. The homepage also includes a short welcome video that enables Ms. Off to introduce herself and her coaching style.

In addition, this site uses GoDaddy’s appointment scheduler so new clients can book a discovery call or coaching appointment right from the homepage. Site visitors also can download two worksheets and/or read current articles from Ms. Off, supported by GoDaddy’s blogging feature.

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4. CSS Group Fitness (In-Home Exercise Provider)

GoDaddy website Example.

CSS Group Fitness features a large photograph as its homepage header to clearly illustrate its group fitness classes. This site uses GoDaddy’s calendar feature on its “Class Schedules” page and GoDaddy’s private page setting for the “Members Only” area, which ensures only registered members can view that section.

CSS Group Fitness also took a clever approach to showcasing its team by using a slideshow on its “Instructors” page.

GoDaddy website Example.

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5. Classie Cakes by Yvonne (Bakery)

GoDaddy website Example.

Classie Cakes by Yvonne uses its attractive logo as the main image on its homepage. A photo gallery right beneath the logo then showcases the baked treats this bakery created for past customers. This site also uses GoDaddy’s ecommerce functionality, which enables customers to place orders for both in-store pickup and shipping.

GoDaddy website Example.

6. LandisOriginals (Custom Engraver)

GoDaddy website Example.

LandisOriginals sells custom-engraved gifts. Its website uses many of the features offered by the GoDaddy website builder, including ecommerce functionality that allows customers to personalize its products, Facebook reviews, slideshows and photo galleries of its work, and a logo list to showcase its business partners.

With the GoDaddy E-Store Builder, LandisOriginals can enable its customers to select the brand, color, quantity, and personalization they need. Its customers also have the ability to return to its website and leave reviews for the products they purchased.

GoDaddy website Example.

7. Vineyard 2121 (Winery, Restaurant, and Tasting Room)

GoDaddy website Example.

Vineyard 2121 is a Michigan winery, restaurant, and tasting room that used the GoDaddy website builder to create a truly attractive site. On its “Menu” page, for example, this business showcases images of its various menus as well as downloadable, portable document format (PDF) versions of each. Its “Events & Music” page not only connects to the winery’s Facebook page to display upcoming events, but also includes an ecommerce feature to sell tickets.

This website’s “Reservations” page uses GoDaddy’s appointment scheduling feature while its “Order Wine” page has ecommerce features that enable visitors to purchase wine for pickup.

8. J & M Kinsey Plumbing (Plumber)

GoDaddy website Example.

J & M Kinsey Plumbing uses GoDaddy’s basic website features to create a simple, yet professional site that includes a contact form, photo gallery, and “About” page photos. The phone number in the homepage header image also makes it easy to contact the company. GoDaddy provides a great website builder for plumbers and other home-service businesses. 

This site offers a good example of a business using GoDaddy’s most basic plan.

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9. FourSite (Property Builder and Manager)

GoDaddy website Example.

FourSite, a property construction and management company, displays professional photos of the inside and outside of its apartment communities in a slideshow header on its homepage. Professional photography can make a great website even better.

This site’s “Communities” page also features high-quality photography in a photo gallery. It also uses GoDaddy’s membership feature so FourSite employees can access private pages.

10. Grow a Pear Nursery (Plant Nursery)

GoDaddy website Example.

Grow a Pear Nursery takes full advantage of all the features the GoDaddy website builder offers. For example, its website uses the ecommerce feature to enable customers to order plants online. It also uses the calendar feature on its “Upcoming Events” page, the membership feature on the “Consultations” page, and the blog feature on the “Gardening Tips” page.

11. Patriot Real Estate Services (Real Estate Agency)

GoDaddy website Example.

Patriot Real Estate Services is a Texas real estate company that makes great use of the real estate features available with the GoDaddy website builder. For example, the company uses GoDaddy’s multiple listing service (MLS) search feature on its homepage so prospective buyers can quickly search for available homes.

GoDaddy website Example.

On its “Client Testimonials” page, this real estate agency uses GoDaddy’s partner feature to display its Zillow reviews.

GoDaddy website Example.

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12. Singer PTA (Nonprofit)

GoDaddy website Example.

Singer PTA's website uses many of the features available with the GoDaddy website builder, including the ability to download PDF forms for its silent auction. GoDaddy also makes a good option for parent teacher associations (PTAs) and other nonprofit groups that may lack the budget for a professional website designer.

GoDaddy website Example.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these beautiful GoDaddy website examples provide some inspiration as you consider how you could use the GoDaddy website builder for your small business’s website.

When you’re ready to create a GoDaddy website for your business, check out our step-by-step guide for making a GoDaddy website and our How to Use GoDaddy tutorial. If you still haven’t decided if GoDaddy is right for your business, read our full GoDaddy Review.

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