How to Use a QR Code on Facebook

A Facebook QR code can be used to direct users away from your Facebook page and towards your other online platforms. This can include your business website, social media platforms, or online stores. 

There are many benefits that you can reap as a business as a result of incorporating QR codes into your Facebook page, but the extent of this will depend on what type of QR codes you use.

In this guide, we take a look at exactly how you can incorporate QR codes on your Facebook page, as well as what benefits this can provide for your business.

What Kind of QR Codes Should I Use for My Business Facebook Page?

QR codes can be used to redirect traffic from your My Business Facebook page towards others sources. This means that you can include different QR code types depending on where you want to increase your traffic. 

For example, you may want to use a:

  • A URL QR code can direct consumers towards your business’s website where purchases can be made — increasing your total sales and revenue. When it comes to sponsorship deals, you may also want to include a URL QR code that directs users towards your sponsor’s online store. This will only be suitable for a pay-per-sale compensation model. 
  • A YouTube QR code can be included to direct consumers towards longer explanatory videos or guides that would not be suitable for Facebook. 
  • Social media QR codes can allow you to increase your online presence throughout several different platforms and thus enable you to target different key demographics more effectively (e.g., Twitter, Instagram, etc.). 
  • Contact information QR codes, in the form of an email QR code or a phone number QR code, provide the benefit of helping your customers and prospective clients get in contact with you more easily (without having to manually search for your contact details). 

Generally, there is no limit to the kind of QR codes that you can include in your My Business Facebook page. This will usually be decided by considering the primary goal of your marketing campaign. This could include:

  • Increasing sales
  • Increasing user engagement
  • Improving your brand image
  • Requesting feedback

Before you share your QR codes on your Facebook page, you should make sure that you take the following factors into account:

  • Color contrast: QR code readers were developed to scan QR codes with a very specific color contrast (i.e., lighter background and darker foreground). When deciding what colors to use for your QR code, try not to deviate from this too much as that can lead to scanning problems.
  • Image quality: You need to make sure that the QR code generator you use allows you to download your QR codes in a high-quality format. This is because low-quality, blurry images can seldom be scanned effectively. 
  • Complexity: When it comes to static QR codes, all of the information is stored within the squares of the actual QR code. This inevitably means that you do not want to make this too complicated, as this can translate to your QR code operating very slowly.

How to Make QR Codes for Facebook

Making QR codes for your business Facebook page is a simple process, but this will depend on the type of QR codes that you wish to create. 

Generally, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Find a suitable online QR code generator: Even though there are many great options, you should prioritize ease of use and affordability as a small business when starting out. You will want to stay away from any QR code generators that include their own logo within your QR codes, as this could damage your brand image. 
  • Create your QR code(s): You may have the option of customizing them depending on the QR code generator that you use. This is highly recommended, as it can make your QR code(s) seem more trustworthy to your customers (e.g., add your own logo, choose colors other than black and white, etc.). 
  • Download and share your QR codes on your Facebook page: After you have created your QR code(s), all that is left is that you download them in your preferred format and share them on your Facebook page as an image. Your visitors will then be able to scan them by using their mobile phones. 

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How to Best Use a QR Code to Help My Facebook Page

You can use QR codes to both direct users towards your Facebook page (e.g., by including a Facebook QR code in your website or in your printed advertising platforms, etc.) or to redirect traffic from your Facebook page towards other online sources. 

There are benefits to both options. For example, directing more users towards your Facebook page can mean that you have more advertising power and leverage with your sponsors, which can then translate into increased revenue and a strong brand image. 

At the same time, if you have built an engaged community on your Facebook, including QR codes can be a brilliant way to direct trusted users towards your business’s website or other social media platforms. 

This means that the benefits of using QR codes in your Facebook page include:

  • Blending your online and offline marketing: Including QR codes on printed advertising (e.g., billboards, flyers, etc.) can provide an almost instant way for interested consumers to enquire about further information or purchase your products.
  • Increased revenues
  • Improved user experiences

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I scan a Facebook QR code?

You can scan a Facebook QR code by using a mobile phone. Most new phones have built-in QR code readers, but if this is not the case for you you can simply download a QR code reader app from your AppStore. 

You will then want to aim your QR code scanner on your Facebook QR code, which will automatically redirect you towards a specific online source.

What color should my Facebook QR code be?

When customizing your QR codes, you should choose colors that align with your branding. 

Having said that, you should maintain a similar color contrast to traditional QR codes — with a light background and dark foreground — as this can ensure that your QR code can be scanned easily.

Can I edit my Facebook QR code?

Yes, but only if you are using a dynamic QR code. Static QR codes cannot be edited after they have been created because all of the information that decides where you will be directed is stored within the actual QR code itself. 

Contrarily, dynamic QR codes entail a small URL link, which directs users towards an online QR code generator where all of the information is stored. This means that it can be changed even after it has been printed.