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Best Online Incorporation Services 2024

Looking for the best online incorporation service to form your business? No matter which business structure you choose, using a formation service can help make the incorporation process easy and hassle-free.

Our review of the best online incorporation services will help you choose the best service for your business.

Recommended LLC Service: four point eight out of five Northwest ($29 + State Fees)

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Best Online Incorporation Services


four point eight out of five


Highest Customer Satisfaction

  • Personalized, knowledgeable customer support
  • User-friendly online ordering process
  • Free registered agent services for one year


four out of five


Over a Million Businesses Launched

  • Established, credible brand
  • Access to legal forms
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee (first 60 days)


four out of five


  • Online dashboard to track business documents
  • Positive online reviews from customers

Tailor Brands 

four out of five


Best Premium, All-In-One Package

  • Branding, website, and business formation all-in-one
  • Highly customized service
  • Helpful customer support




four out of five


  • Convenient digital dashboard
  • Learning center with free guides and resources

Rocket Lawyer

three point five out of five


  • Legal services beyond incorporation
  • Excellent customer service


You can incorporate your small business as an LLC, corporation, S corporation, or nonprofit. Most small businesses will incorporate as an LLC. 

Learn more about choosing the right business structure in our How to Choose a Business Structure guide.

Our Approach:

We reviewed and ranked the 6 best online incorporation services to help you match the needs of your small business with the best provider. Our review is based on:

  • The type of business you have
  • The needs of your business
  • Any additional services you may want for your business

Our Best Online Incorporation Services for 2024:

  1. Northwest — Best incorporation service for small businesses
  2. LegalZoom — Over a million businesses launched
  3. ZenBusiness — Best for S corp formation
  4. Tailor Brands — Best premium, all-in-one service
  5. Bizee — Best nonprofit formation
  6. Rocket Lawyer — Best for ongoing legal services packages

Northwest is our top choice for incorporation. Its standout service is LLC formation, and they also provide corporation and S corporation formation services. The combination of customer service, competitive pricing, and straightforward plans make Northwest an easy first choice.

Rocket Lawyer is a great choice for businesses that could benefit from having on-call attorneys, free phone consultations and document reviews, and discounts on other legal services. Our partnership with Rocket Lawyer allows us to extend this exclusive offer to our website visitors.

Best Incorporation Service

Northwest is the overall best online incorporation service for LLCs, corporations, and S corporations because they provide a large number of features at an affordable price.

Business Formation Reviews

four point eight out of five Northwest  ($29 + State Fees)

three point nine out of five LegalZoom  ($0 + State Fees)

three point seven out of five ZenBusiness ($0 + State Fees)

three point five out of five Tailor Brands  ($0 + State Fees)

three out of five Bizee  ($0 + State Fees)

three points out of five Rocket Lawyer  ($349.99 + State Fees)

DIY Use Our Free Guide

Our free guide teaches you how to form an LLC in all 50 states without using an online LLC formation service. You can also access other helpful resources:

Incorporation Services Ranked

1. Northwest

Northwest offers essential services for online business formation. Its incorporation service starts at $29 (plus state fees), and it includes filing, premium registered agent services, customer privacy protection, and an online dashboard where you can access your business’s documents.

Northwest is known for its high-quality customer service. They provide highly trained US-based support agents, and every customer has a Corporate Guide assigned to their account, allowing you to speak with the same person every time you need your questions answered.

Northwest Pros

  • Positive customer reviews
  • User-friendly online ordering process
  • No hidden fees or “free trials”
  • Professional US-based customer service representatives

Northwest Cons

  • You’ll have to pay extra fees for important formation features such as EIN application assistance and operating agreement creation.

Northwest Pricing and Features for LLC Formation

Northwest offers one formation plan. For $29 plus state fees, you’ll get the following business features:

  • Registered agent services (free for the first year, then $125 per year thereafter)
  • Free mail forwarding
  • “Privacy by Default” to limit sharing of personal information
  • Corporate Guide service

Best Overall Service: Northwest

Northwest offers dedicated, top-notch customer service to all of its customers.

2. LegalZoom

LegalZoom is one of the most recognized business formation services. The company is mostly focused on full legal services.

LegalZoom Pros

  • LegalZoom has established itself as one of the most popular LLC services.
  • LegalZoom offers more legal services than other LLC formation companies.

LegalZoom Cons

  • LegalZoom is on the expensive side when it comes to LLC formation.

LegalZoom Pricing and Features for LLC Formation

LegalZoom’s LLC formation packages start at $0 plus state fees. The service includes basic LLC filing services but not many other features. You’ll have to pay extra for EIN assistance, operating agreement creation, and registered agent services.

LegalZoom does offer a Business Advisory Plan, which provides the following and more:

  • Tax advice
  • Attorney help
  • Access to legal forms

Overall, going with an established name like LegalZoom comes at a higher cost. If you prefer to use a company with brand power and are willing to pay significantly more to form an LLC online, consider choosing LegalZoom.

Over a Million Businesses Launched: LegalZoom

As one of the nation’s most well known formations companies, LegalZoom offers attorney assistance and a reliable LLC formation service. 

3. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness is our next pick for incorporating a small business. ZenBusiness offers company formation packages starting at only $0 per year (plus state fees).

ZenBusiness Pros

  • Straightforward incorporation packages
  • Responsive customer support
  • Excellent online reviews from customers
  • High-quality registered agent services

ZenBusiness Cons

  • Help with Employer Identification Number (EIN) applications costs an additional $70 for ZenBusiness’ basic plan. We recommend learning how to get an EIN for free.

ZenBusiness Pricing and Features for LLC Formation

ZenBusiness offers three packages for LLC formation. Each package includes the option to add essential products to form your LLC including but not limited to:

  • Registered Agent Service: An individual or business entity that helps your company remain compliant. 
  • Operating Agreement: An operating agreement is a legal document that outlines an LLC’s ownership and member duties.
  • Worry-Free CPA Assessment: This assessment evaluates your company’s finances and provides recommendations for a properly licensed CPA. The suggested accounting services are a great way to keep track of your company’s monetary flow, file your LLC’s taxes, and stay organized.

ZenBusiness Pricing and Features for Corporation and S Corporation

Like with LLC formation, ZenBusiness offers three packages for corporation formation. In addition to the free year of registered agent service and CPA assessment, ZenBusiness offers corporate bylaws creation. All corporations need to create and maintain bylaws that outline company structure, responsibilities, and board guidelines.

ZenBusiness also provides two formation packages dedicated to forming an S corporation as an LLC. These packages include the filing IRS Form 2553 along with all of the LLC formation benefits listed above.

Best for S Corp Formation: ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness is our recommended service for S corp formation.

4. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands’ mission is to empower entrepreneurs by providing a full-featured one-stop shop, including LLC formation, compliance, and branding/online presence. While Tailor Brands offers three different plans, our recommended plan is the Elite Plan. This is the package where Tailor Brands really excels, including everything entrepreneurs need to reach their target market — arguably the most important part of building an online presence. 

Plenty of companies offer the basics for LLC formation and building a website, and taking these steps is certainly important. But they are really only the beginning of establishing a brand and reaching a market. The additional features found in Tailor Brands’ Elite Plan are what allow you to go from an LLC with a website to a recognized brand.

Tailor Brands Pros

  • One-stop shop that includes everything you need to establish your business online
  • Easy to use — you can get started with just a few clicks
  • Provides powerful branding tools 
  • More personalization than other services, including graphic design and logo-making tools

Tailor Brands Cons

  • Getting the most out of Tailor Brands requires buying the top-tier plan, meaning it might not be the right choice for entrepreneurs seeking more affordable options

Tailor Brands Pricing and Features

The Elite Plan is where Tailor Brands differentiates itself from the competition. It includes the following:

  • LLC formation
  • Annual compliance
  • Expedited processing
  • Operating agreement

The plan also includes some great business-building tools:

  • Five logos to create through Tailor Brands logo maker
  • Domain name
  • Website builder
  • Digital business card
  • Graphic design tools for social media

Tailor Brands might not be the top choice for business owners looking for the most affordable option, but it’s essential for those ready to invest in building an online presence. If you’re ready to immediately  grow that presence using powerful AI tools, we recommend Tailor Brands’ Elite Plan

Want to learn more about Tailor Brands? Read our full Tailor Brands review.

Best Premium Service: Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands offers the best premium, one-stop shop plan for entrepreneurs to start an LLC and establish their brand.

5. Bizee (Formerly Incfile)

Bizee is our top pick for nonprofit formation. Its service is both comprehensive and affordable. Similar to ZenBusiness, Bizee also provides value in its basic pricing plan for LLC services.

Bizee Pros

  • Registered agent services are included for free in all packages.
  • High-quality customer support.
  • User-friendly online dashboard to help you track important deadlines and compliance reminders.
  • Its Silver packages for both LLC formation and nonprofit formation is $0 (plus state fees)

Bizee Cons

  • Similar to Northwest, you'll have to pay extra for helpful features like operating agreement creating and EIN assistance.

Bizee Pricing and Features for LLC Formation

Bizee offers three LLC formation packages, each offering base features like:

  • Free registered agent service for one year (then $119 per year thereafter)
  • Lifetime company alerts
  • Next business day processing

Bizee Pricing and Features for Nonprofit Formation

Similar to its LLC formation service, Bizee provides three nonprofit formation packages to choose from, with the Silver package only costing the state filing fee. These packages also offer free registered agent service for a year, compliance alerts, and fast processing times.

How to Start an LLC Icon

Best Low-Budget, High-Feature Service: Bizee

Bizee provides quality formation services for businesses on a budget.

How to Start an LLC Call to Action Form an LLC Form an LLC

6. Rocket Lawyer

ZenBusiness is the best option for simply forming a small business, but Rocket Lawyer is the best choice if you want ongoing legal services after LLC creation.

Rocket Lawyer Pros

  • The TRUiC and Rocket Lawyer New Business Bundle offers an exclusive discount.
  • The legal services subscription package includes free LLC formation and is available as a seven-day free trial.
  • Excellent customer service.

Rocket Lawyer Cons

  • Rocket Lawyer is focused more on legal help and advice beyond company formation. If you are simply interested in starting a small business, there are more affordable options out there.

Rocket Lawyer Pricing and Features for LLC Formation

Rocket Lawyer sets itself apart by offering a subscription-based model for ongoing legal services, with premium members gaining access to legal documents, advice, and more. 

TRUiC has partnered with Rocket Lawyer to offer these services for $349.99 (plus state fees), annually. You’ll save about $300 (over 45%) by choosing our exclusive New Business Bundle, which includes:

  • Free incorporation service
  • One year of registered agent services
  • One year of legal services, including:
    • Real Lawyers, Expert Advice
    • 30-minute lawyer consultations on each new legal matter, up to 40% off attorney hourly rate after
    • Easy-to-use legal documents and contracts (including operating agreements)
    • Exclusive discounts on future services
    • High-quality customer support

The TRUiC and Rocket Lawyer New Business Bundle is perfect for entrepreneurs who need additional legal expertise throughout their company’s lifetime.

How to Start an LLC Icon

Best Legal Services: Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer is the best choice for ongoing legal services, such as support with forming contracts, after forming your LLC. TRUiC has partnered with Rocket Lawyer to offer an exclusive discount of over 45%.

How to Start an LLC Call to Action Business Bundle Business Bundle


four point eight out of five Northwest  ($29 + State Fees)

three point nine out of five LegalZoom  ($0 + State Fees)

three point seven out of five ZenBusiness ($0 + State Fees)

three point five out of five Tailor Brands  ($0 + State Fees)

three out of five Bizee  ($0 + State Fees)

three points out of five Rocket Lawyer  ($349.99 + State Fees)


Our free guide teaches you how to form an LLC in all 50 states without using an online LLC formation service. Subscribe now to access our guide and other helpful resources:

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