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Which Is Better for LLC Formation?

Looking for the best service to start your LLC? We used CorpNet and BizFilings to form LLCs, then compared their features.

In this CorpNet vs. BizFilings review, we’ll let you know if either is worth your time and money. We also recommend checking out our list of the top 5 LLC formation services.

CorpNet with 3.6 stars versus BizFilings with 3 stars.

Recommended Steps Before Using CorpNet or BizFilings

It’s important to name your business before going through the LLC formation process with a service provider. TRUiC’s Free LLC Name Generator will help you to do the following:

  • Discover the perfect business name for your company.
  • Conduct a business name search to make sure your desired name is available in your state and not already taken.
  • Help verify the availability and secure a domain name for your LLC.

Key Considerations: CorpNet Vs. BizFilings

When we started researching CorpNet and BizFilings, we focused on three main questions:

  • Is it a good deal?
  • Is there a better deal?
  • Who uses this service and how was their experience?

Answering these questions will boost your confidence so you can choose the best service to get your business up and running.

Which One is the Best Deal?

While neither CorpNet nor BizFilings are the cheapest formation services on the market—their basic packages are $79 and $99, respectively—they’ve both received mostly positive reviews from their customers and provide good customer service.

However, when comparing all tiers of service, CorpNet stands out. While they only offer 60 days of registered agent service on their basic package, their Deluxe and Complete packages provide a year of registered agent service. They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee, which many formation services (including BizFilings) do not provide.

While BizFilings offers six months of registered agent service on their basic tier, they do not increase the service duration on their Standard and Complete packages. Their Complete package offers nice additives like certified state documents, but when taking the price of each tier into consideration vs the number of additional services offered, CorpNet is a better value.

Who Uses Each Service and What Was Their Experience?


CorpNet’s online reviews are very positive. Satisfied customers have been entrepreneurs that are looking for experienced and responsive customer service as well as personalized formation services.

“I was introduced to the Corpnet last year and I started using their service this year. I'm really please [sic] and happy with their service specially [sic] with C***** B****** who is handling the formation of all the entities that I ordered. I highly recommend their services to all my constituents and friends.”
“I have found CorpNet to be very proficient in all that they do. They have been very responsive, evidencing concern for me and my clients. I switched at the beginning of 2019 and do not regret the switch. They are very reasonable and pleasant to do business with.”


BizFilings does not have many customer reviews, but the ones that exist are mixed. Users noted a desire for an established formation service that allowed them to focus on other aspects of their business.

“I've registered multiple businesses with BizFilings over the years and have experienced nothing but success with them. They're quickly available to help answer any questions I have along the way. Reading the other review, it's clear the individual doesn't understand that BizFilings offers a service to streamline registration and compliance activities. Of course, this is a service you pay for and personally, I'd rather let the experts do it so I may focus on the core of my business. Keep up the great work. -EB”
“I used this service to create my LLC 10 years ago. I was happy with this service until I relized [sic] I could update the status of my LLC using the State of Virginia's online server for 1/3 the cost. I canceld [sic] my service with BizFilings and serveral [sic] months later got an email from a collection agency (********) demanding that I pay BizFilings for services I had canceled. I contacted BizFilings and they confirmed that I had canceled the service.”

Is There a Better Deal Out There?

CorpNet and BizFilings are both solid formation services, but there are other services that offer just as much or more for less money. For example, ZenBusiness offers LLC formation starting at $39 (plus state fees), which includes a year of registered agent service as well as web domain services.


BizFilings is a reputable and long-running formation service that offers exceptional customer service to its users. However, the prices are premium compared to CorpNet (and other competitors) and reviews from customers are few as well as mixed.

CorpNet is also an established service that offers positive reviews and a simple formation process for users to understand. But, while not as expensive as BizFilings, their prices are middle-of-the-road compared to what other services offer.


Best LLC Formation Services

four point eight out of five Northwest ($29 + State Fees)
four out of five LegalZoom ($0 + State Fees)
four out of five ZenBusiness ($0 + State Fees)
four out of five Tailor Brands ($0 + State Fees)
four out of five Bizee ($0 + State Fees)
three point eight out of five Swyft Filings ($0 + State Fees)
three point seven out of five Rocket Lawyer ($99 + State Fees)

Rating Details: CorpNet Vs. BizFilings

This section takes an in-depth look at CorpNet VS. BizFilings, in terms of:

  • Value
  • Customer service
  • Ease of use
  • Included features


CorpNet’s services are decently priced. While the Basic package is barebones compared to some of its competitors, the Standard and Complete packages offer a year of registered agent service included in their prices. Unlike many other formation services, CorpNet offers a 100% money-back guarantee on their packages. However, while the total price of each package is not the highest on the market, it is definitely not the lowest.

BizFilings’ packages are more expensive than most services. While BizFilings offers 6 months of registered agent service on its Basic package (compared to CorpNet’s 60 days), they do not increase the duration on their higher=tier packages. That being said, BizFilings does offer some unique services on its Complete package such as certified state documents and a compliance DVD. But much like CorpNet, there are other services that offer more for less.

Customer Service

CorpNet’s customer service is one of its better aspects. They offer a dedicated customer service line during the business week, and users that pay for the Complete package can access 24/7 phone, text, and email service options. CorpNet also has a high satisfaction rating across many customer reviews, with users praising the responsiveness of the support staff. All in all, their customer service is hard to beat.

BizFilings also offers solid customer service. Unlike CorpNet, they offer an online chat service in addition to their dedicated service phone line. Some customer reviews also report being satisfied with the service and advice they’ve received from BizFilings. In addition, they offer a warranty for any filing issues on their part. Their responsiveness to their customers is respectable.

Ease of Use

The CorpNet website is straightforward and simple. Their package comparison chart offers an extended explanation of each included and optional service available so you know what you do and do not want to pay for. The rest of the website is also easy to navigate and understand.

The BizFilings website is functional, but can be confusing. Their package comparison chart lists all of their services, but similar-sounding information and vague service descriptions may require an additional phone call to their customer service for clarification. The rest of their website, however, is fairly easy to understand.

Included Features

CorpNet’s Basic package lacks unique features. The lowest tier only offers 60 days of included registered agent service, and you have to pay extra for features like EIN registration and operating agreement creation. The Deluxe and Complete packages, however, offer a year of included registered agent service as well as an expanded list of features. Their Deluxe option adds on 24-hour document preparation and EIN registration, while their Complete package offers additional operating agreement creation and LLC kit.

BizFilings’ packages vary considerably. While the Basic package offers 6 months of registered agent services compared to CorpNet’s 60 days, you only get an LLC kit and seal in addition. The Complete package offers much more for a considerably higher price, but includes features that some businesses may find helpful, such as certified state documents and operating agreement templates.



four point seven out of five ZenBusiness ($39 + State Fees)
four point five out of five Rocket Lawyer  ($99 + State Fees)

four point four out of five Incfile  ($0 + State Fees)
four point three out of five Northwest  ($49 + State Fees)
three point four out of five LegalZoom  ($79 + State Fees)

Product Comparison: CorpNet Vs. BizFilings

CorpNet and BizFilings do more than just form your LLC. They each offer additional services, either included in their formation packages or sold separately. You can view the following chart below for our side-by-side look at each company’s lowest-cost LLC formation package.

Please note that the service costs for each tier do not include the State filing fees.

Basic Plan Comparison

CorpNet vs BizFilings Side by Side Comparison

Basic Plan Highlights

Both Basic plans offer a simple package with standard processing times. BizFilings offers a longer registered agent service option than CorpNet, but their overall package is more expensive.

Middle Plan Comparison

CorpNet vs BizFilings Side by Side Comparison

Middle Plan Highlights

At this tier, CorpNet offers EIN registration and 24-hour document preparation as well as a year of registered agent service. On the other hand, BizFilings offers operating agreement templates as well as expedited processing times.

Top Plan Comparison

CorpNet vs BizFilings Side by Side Comparison

Top Plan Highlights

On top of the previous included features, CorpNet offers custom-created operating agreements as well as a customized LLC kit and seal. BizFilings offers certified state documents and a state compliance DVD. It is also at this tier that the price difference widens--BizFilings’ Complete package is $110 more than CorpNet’s Complete packaging.

Best LLC Formation Services

four point eight out of five Northwest ($29 + State Fees)
four out of five LegalZoom ($0 + State Fees)
four out of five ZenBusiness ($0 + State Fees)
four out of five Tailor Brands ($0 + State Fees)
four out of five Bizee ($0 + State Fees)
three point eight out of five Swyft Filings ($0 + State Fees)
three point seven out of five Rocket Lawyer ($99 + State Fees)

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