Choosing the best online service provider to help launch your business is an incredibly important step. We’ve created three questions that will address your main concerns and lead you in the right direction.

For each company, we’ll explore whether their services are a good deal, if there’s a better deal out there, and experiences of other customers using the service.

Is Either a Good Deal?

Yes! Both services offer excellent deals. Northwest and Incfile come out of this comparison with very close scores, and for good reason: they are both extremely reliable and cost-effective LLC formation services. A business owner’s goals going into this purchase are what will really set these two providers apart.

Northwest really stands apart for its high quality of customer service. Its service representatives are known for being highly knowledgeable about business formation and business maintenance. If you anticipate you’ll need a little extra support with your business formation, or if you have any questions about the formation process, Northwest is probably your best bet.

On the other hand, Incfile’s expanded menu of extra options may work well for some buyers who need additional features like banking offers, business contract templates, business website offers, and other physical items such as a corporate seal.

Who Uses Northwest and Incfile?

New and experienced entrepreneurs starting their own businesses look to these services for assistance.

Here are some verified reviews (pulled from Trustpilot and Sitejabber) by people who used Northwest or Incfile to help launch their businesses:

"This company [Incfile] is definitely in my list of trusted companies by now. The services are quick and provided in an extremely professional manner allowing me to focus on my business. The UX of the online dashboard is clean and easy to understand. Highly recommended."

"I LOVE Northwest. The handled my LLC filing efficiently and answered all of my questions in a timely manner ( there were many, and they responded within 24hours). Well worth the money for their expertise. I couldn’t have done it without them. I highly recommended their services."

Is There a Better Deal to Form My LLC?

Northwest and Incfile don’t carry as much name value or brand power as competitors like LegalZoom. However, In addition to offering a large number of affordable features, we found Incfile to be the best overall service and that Northwest offers the best customer support.


Northwest Registered Agent and Incfile are both good choices if you want affordable features and fast, valuable services.

While both are reliable services, we recommend choosing Incfile because it offers more features for customers.

A cube with LLC printed on its sides

Our Recommendation: Incfile

($0 + State Fees)


We further analyzed what you should keep in mind before making your choice. We’ve separated these points into four topics which are outlined below.

Northwest Registered Agent vs Incfile Overview
Northwest Registered Agent Incfile
Overall 3.8/5 4.4/5
Cost Value 3/5 4.5/5
Customer Service 5/5 4/5
Ease of Use 3.5/5 4.5/5
Included Features 3.5/5 4.5/5


Incfile is a less expensive option with comparable service benefits.

Both services offer the same essential business formation features: LLC formation and registered agent service at the basic tier.

After these features, Incfile bundles in some extra “nice to haves” and offers a la carte service offerings, such as website creation, for an additional fee. Some buyers might find value in these extras.

Still can’t decide? We recommend Incfile for the free premium services available in its entry-level packages.

Incfile is a great option if you are working with a tight budget, but want a lot of added features. Their free Silver plan (with the exception of state fees), one year of free registered agent service, and free LLC compliance reminders make Incfile an excellent value.

Read on for a more in-depth, side-by-side breakdown of each company's basic, middle, and top tier service packages.

Customer Service

Northwest’s customer service is the best among the LLC formation services we’ve reviewed.

The customer support reps we talked to from Northwest are knowledgeable, consistent, and answered the phone every time we called. You can even choose to work with a representative you’ve worked with before if you had a good experience. This easily makes up for the just $6/year difference for their registered agent service.

Ease of Use

Both services are quick to form your business.

The order process for Incfile took no longer than 10-15 minutes. It helps to prepare by having all your necessary business information at the ready. Northwest’s site isn’t quite as easy to navigate as other competitors’, but the order forms and checkout pages are laid out in a way that provides great transparency to the user.

While you will be subject to the filing timelines of the state you’re forming an LLC with, Northwest and Incfile are similar in how quickly your order will be processed on their end. All of Incfile packages comes with a next day business processing guarantee.

Included Features

Incfile has a great dashboard to check on the status of your order, and manage your information after forming your LLC.

From here, you can view and download digital copies of your documents and check on upcoming filing deadlines. Incfile ships your paper copies and other ordered items together. This happens once the LLC formation processes through your state.

See our top 5 service reviews

four point seven out of five ZenBusiness ($39 + State Fees)

Four point 5 out of Five Stars Rocket Lawyer ($349.99 + State Fees)

four point six out of five Incfile ($0 + State Fees)

four point six out of five Inc Authority ($0 + State Fees)

Three out of Five Stars LegalZoom ($79 + State Fees)


Both Incfile and Northwest offer additional services beyond forming your LLC. Some features can be purchased independently, offering even more pricing flexibility. NOTE: Incfile offers three business formation packages; however, we will not be covering what all of these packages include below. Instead, since Northwest Registered Agent only offers one filing option, we will compare it to Incfile's basic LLC package.

Please, be aware that LLC pricing and options are subject to change.

Basic Plan Comparison

Northwest Registered Agent vs Incfile Side by Side Comparison
Northwest Registered Agent Incfile
ORDER PROCESSING TIME 1-3 business days Next business day
REGISTERED AGENT $125/year Free for one year, then $119 per year
ANNUAL COMPLIANCE Included with their registered agent Free lifetime company alerts
ADVISORY SERVICES No Tax: Free 1-hour consultation
WEB DOMAIN & HOSTING No $20/month hosting fees via Snapweb