Which Is Better for LLC Formation?

Looking for the best service to start your LLC? We used Northwest and Rocket Lawyer to form LLCs, then compared their features.

In this Northwest vs. Rocket Lawyer review, we’ll let you know if either is worth your time and money. We also recommend checking out our list of the top 5 LLC formation services.

Recommended Step Before Using Northwest or Rocket Lawyer

It’s important to name your business before going through the LLC formation process with a service provider. TRUiC’s Free LLC Name Generator will help you to do the following:

  • Discover the perfect business name for your company.
  • Conduct a business name search to make sure your desired name is available in your state and not already taken.
  • Help verify the availability and secure a domain name for your LLC.


When we started researching Northwest and Rocket Lawyer, we focused on three main questions:

  • Is it a good deal?
  • Is there a better deal?
  • Who uses this service and how was their experience?

Answering these questions will boost your confidence so you can choose the best service to get your business up and running.

Which One is the Best Deal?

Rocket Lawyer and Northwest offer great services for an average cost compared to their competitors. Rocket Lawyer has a non-member formation price as well as a monthly membership for users, while Northwest offers a more standard formation service.

With that in mind, Northwest is the better company if you do not need ongoing legal services. Although Northwest is not the most affordable option (we recommend ZenBusiness), their $225 business formation package includes premium registered agent services, top-notch customer support, and more.

That being said, Rocket Lawyer is a good choice for ongoing legal services. We made a great deal to bundle Rocket Lawyer's premium services into a discounted package for only $349.99 (plus state fees). You’ll save about 46% with our New Business Bundle, which includes free business incorporation services, one year of registered agent services, and more.

Who Uses Each Service and What Was Their Experience?

Rocket Lawyer
Online user reviews are pretty positive for Rocket Lawyer. Customers that have used their services specifically to start a business praised the simple formation process as well as the knowledgeable customer service.

“Rocket Lawyer was easy to use. There was one thing missing from an online form that I was filling out, so they put me in touch with a lawyer and it all worked out. I highly rate this company.”

“This is a great legal on line [sic] service but $50 per month is too expensive for an occasional user such as myself who would only use it 4 or 5 times per year. I wish there would be an option where I could sign up fpr [sic] a week at a time for about $5.00. This would be a reasonable price and I can see myself using it 6 times a year generating $30. I can see loads of people doing this. It would be good for rocket and the customer.”

Much like Rocket Lawyer, Northwest’s customer reviews are also very positive. Satisfied customers liked the speed of the filing service and the overall helpfulness of the customer representatives.

“I contacted several registered agents while doing research on LLC formation. Northwest's client support was the fastest and thoroughest in responding to all my emails and I felt that they were willing to answer all my questions before onboarding me, whereas a lot of other services promised to do it only after signup, which raised a lof [sic] of red flags. Very happy to have chosen to go with Northwest Registered Agent.”

“I LOVE working with Northwest Registered Agent. It's everything I needed. Their customer service is ON POINT. Look no further!”

Is There a Better Deal Out There?

There are other formation services besides Northwest and Rocket Lawyer that offer lower prices for the same features. Our favorite is ZenBusiness, which starts its formation packages at $39 (plus state fees) and includes a year of registered agent services as well as web domain services.


Northwest is the better choice for businesses looking for a standard formation service. Rocket Lawyer is a good option for those who want to have ongoing legal assistance.

See our top 5 service reviews

four point seven out of five ZenBusiness ($39 + State Fees)

four point six out of five Incfile ($0 + State Fees)

four point six out of five Inc Authority ($0 + State Fees)

Four point 1 out of Five Stars Rocket Lawyer ($349.99 + State Fees)

Three out of Five Stars LegalZoom ($79 + State Fees)


This section takes an in-depth look at Northwest VS. Rocket Lawyer, in terms of:

  • Value
  • Customer service
  • Ease of use
  • Included features
Northwest vs Rocket Lawyer Overview
Northwest Rocket Lawyer
Overall 3.8/5 4.1/5
Value 3/5 3.9/5
Customer Service 5/5 4/5
Ease of Use 3.5/5 4/5
Included Features 3.5/5 4.5/5


Rocket Lawyer’s value is more long-term. Their non-member formation price is average compared to its competitors. However, Rocket Lawyer is not limited to business formation and is primarily a hub for legal document creation. Those that sign up for their monthly membership enjoy not only reduced formation costs but also their entire legal form library that can help with business compliance. 

Northwest’s package price is average, but still competitive. Their business incorporation service is $225 plus state fees, but offers expert customer support, premium registered agent services, an Operating Agreement, and other features. For businesses looking for a one-off formation price, Northwest is a solid choice.

Customer Service

Our own experience with Rocket Lawyer’s customer service fell short. We encountered lengthy holds, and the representative we spoke with gave us vague answers to our questions that could’ve been found on their website anyways. A portion of their online reviews also noted a negative experience with cancelling their 7-day free membership trial, which can only be done by phone or else be auto-enrolled into their membership program.

That being said, many of Rocket Lawyer’s customer reviews are overall positive, so your mileage may vary.

Northwest’s customer service is top-of-the-line. When we contacted them, the representative we spoke with was helpful, friendly, and answered all of our questions easily. What makes Northwest unique is that customers can choose to speak to a preferred representative every time, meaning that users can pick up right where they left off if they want.

Ease of Use

Rocket Lawyer’s interface is easy to navigate. Their user dashboard allows members to organize and view their legal paperwork easily, and the web platform makes recommendations based on your business’s structure. Other unique features include a digital document signer as well as step-by-step guides for document templates.

Northwest’s interface is also easy, once you find what you need. Their website layout was straightforward and the checkout process was clear. Their dashboard for customers also lays out all of the needed LLC paperwork to make compliance easier.

Included Features

Rocket Lawyer’s focus is on legal forms. The good thing about this structure is that members can access LLC paperwork beyond the formation process and consult with attorneys along the way. However, their available features for the actual formation process are lacking. While members can enjoy free or discounted formation, they will have to pay extra for registered agent service and EIN registration--two features that many new businesses consider essential.


four point seven out of five ZenBusiness ($39 + State Fees)
four point four out of five Incfile  ($0 + State Fees)
four point three out of five Inc Authority  ($0 + State Fees)
four point one out of five Rocket Lawyer  ($349.99 + State Fees)

three point three out of five LegalZoom  ($79 + State Fees)



Northwest and Rocket Lawyer do more than just form your LLC. They each offer additional services, either included in their formation packages or sold separately. You can view the following chart below for our side-by-side look at each company’s lowest-cost LLC formation package.

NOTE: Rocket Lawyer only offers one level of formation as well as a premium membership opportunity. Northwest only offers one LLC formation package at $225. Because of this, we’ve decided to compare our Rocket Lawyer New Business Bundle to Northwest’s one business formation service package.

Please note that the service costs for each tier do not include the State filing fees and that LLC pricing and options are subject to change.

Basic Plan Comparison

Northwest vs Rocket Lawyer Side by Side Comparison
Northwest Rocket Lawyer
ORDER PROCESSING TIME Standard processing and delivery Standard processing and delivery
REGISTERED AGENT $125 per year Registered agent service for one year
ANNUAL COMPLIANCE Included with registered agent service No
ADVISORY SERVICES No Legal: Free Ask-a-lawyer via email & 30-minute monthly phone consultation per new matter

See our top 5 service reviews

four point seven out of five ZenBusiness ($39 + State Fees)

four point six out of five Incfile ($0 + State Fees)

four point six out of five Inc Authority ($0 + State Fees)

Four point 1 out of Five Stars Rocket Lawyer ($349.99 + State Fees)

Three out of Five Stars LegalZoom ($79 + State Fees)

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