InCorp has helped business owners incorporate for over 20 years. They offer registered agent service in all 50 states, as well as DC, PR, and the USVI. They state that they will beat any competitor’s price for similar services.

In this section, we’ll explore whether InCorp is a good deal, the experiences of other customers using the service, and whether there’s a better deal out there.

Is It a Good Deal?

InCorp offers a good deal for many of their services – especially once you factor in their price match guarantee. They are not the lowest-priced offering out there, but if you can get them to match the price of their competitors you can get the best deal. And if you are looking to start numerous LLCs, InCorp offers volume discounts.

Features that make InCorp stand out include:

  • Price match guarantee
  • Low prices for high volume orders
  • LLC formation throughout the US
  • Positive online reviews

Who Uses InCorp?

Business owners that are attracted to price match guarantees and volume pricing are most likely to use InCorp.

Here are some reviews posted on the BBB website:

“We have been using InCorp for years now and have never been disappointed. I especially appreciate the live chat feature and have used it frequently through the years, obtaining quick and courteous answers to my questions. Truly wonderful customer service, which is, sadly, a rarity these days. Highly recommend.”

I had great service from G***** D*** at Incorp during a chat. She was able to help me process name and address changes for my two corporations. She also was able to help me save money going forward. Pleasant interaction all around.”

Is There a Better Deal to Start My LLC?

There are better deals available from competitors, but InCorp offers a price match guarantee. If InCorp truly honors the guarantee, then you can get the same price from InCorp as you would from another company.


InCorp is a good fit if you:

  • Take advantage of their price match guarantee
  • Want to form multiple LLCs and take advantage of volume discounts
  • Want to incorporate in US territories like Puerto Rico
  • Prefer to work with a company with good online reviews

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This section takes an in-depth look at InCorp’s LLC formation service, in terms of overall value, customer service, ease of use, and included features.

Value - 4/5

The value of InCorp shines with the price match guarantee they offer customers. If you find a cheaper option for incorporation and tell InCorp about it, they claim that they will not only match the price but beat it. The guarantee is for similar services, though, so you will need to verify that InCorp will actually match what you are looking for exactly to know if you are getting the best deal.

Customer Service - 4/5

InCorp gives you a single customer service representative for all of your accounts with their company. That means you do not have to call a call center and talk to a random person every time you want help. You can call your representative directly to get the assistance you need, which is a huge plus. Most of the reviews of InCorp’s services say that the customer service the company offers is great.

Ease of Use - 3/5

InCorp has a quality website with all of its information listed clearly, so there is no chance of confusion when you start trying to form your LLC. However, there is one hitch that makes InCorp more challenging – if you want to take advantage of the price match guarantee, you have to find a lower price and contact them to get the guarantee. They stipulate that the services need to be similar, so you could run into a situation where they claim that the cheaper option you found is not similar enough to what they offer to justify the price match.  

Included Features - 3/5

The interesting thing about InCorp is that they only offer one basic package, with numerous add-ons that you can purchase in addition to the package. The basic package has what you need to form an LLC, but it is bare bones. If you want some of the other features that you will find in more full-featured packages from competitors, like registered agent service, you will need to pay an additional fee.


Unlike most other LLC formation services, InCorp offers only one tier of service

You can get the basic LLC formation service package from InCorp for $99 plus $18 for shipping, for a total of $117. If you want anything beyond the basic package, you can purchase it a la carte.

We give a full break-down of the differences between each package below:

LLC Formation Service: $117 + State Fees

  • Preparation and Filing of Articles of Organization
  • Name Availability Search
  • Domestic 2-Day Shipping

Who should purchase this service?

Entrepreneurs who want to form an LLC with minimal hassle and do not require any additional services should choose the starter package from InCorp. To get additional features, like registered agent service, you will need to pay $67 to $99 a year.