Weebly Pricing and Plans for Small Businesses (Updated for 2021)

Are you wondering which Weebly plan will best suit your business’s needs? Picking the best Weebly plan might seem difficult at first, but we’re here to help.

Weebly offers three different paid plans — plus a free version — with a range of features you may or may not need. This guide provides a complete overview of what each plan offers so you can make an informed decision for your website and business.

Once you’ve chosen the right Weebly plan for your business, check out these Weebly website examples and start building your Weebly site.

Before You Begin

You may find it helpful to get a general sense for the various plans Weebly offers before getting started. Here’s a quick peek at Weebly’s pricing and plan tiers:

Weebly pricing.

For most businesses, we recommend the Weebly Professional plan. For ecommerce stores, the Weebly Performance plan often works better. We’d rarely recommend the Weebly Free or Personal plans for businesses because sites built with them must include Weebly branding. But, small start-ups on a really tight budget could potentially make the cheaper plans work while they establish their businesses.

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Who Should Pick the Weebly Professional Plan?

We recommend the Weebly Professional plan for most small businesses, including:

  • Home-based businesses like digital and design, coaching, writing, and other small, service-based companies
  • Online businesses, such as marketing, social media, consulting, and bookkeeping businesses
  • Local, service-based businesses like gyms, car repair shops, day care centers, and barber shops
  • Restaurants and caterers
  • Home industry businesses, such as builders, contractors, roofers, plumbers, landscapers, and cleaning services
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We recommend the Weebly Professional plan for most small businesses.

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Who Should Pick the Weebly Performance Plan?

While the Weebly Professional plan works well for most small businesses, ecommerce businesses likely will benefit from the extra features provided in the Performance plan.

We recommend the Performance plan for businesses that sell items online, including:

  • Clothing
  • Crafts and needlework
  • Food products
  • Essential oils
  • Kitchen supplies
  • Furniture and other household items
  • Hair styling tools and other beauty items
  • Books
  • Electronics
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The Weebly Performance plan works great for ecommerce stores. Sign up for the Weebly Performance plan.

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Best Features in Each Weebly Plan

Here’s a summary of the best features included in each Weebly plan:

Plan Type Best Features

  • It’s free forever!

  • It’s Inexpensive.
  • It includes a custom domain.
  • It has most of the features in the Weebly Professional plan, but comes with Weebly branding.
  • There’s no Weebly branding.
  • It includes a ton of great features.
  • It provides advanced site statistics.
  • It has a shipping rate calculator.
  • It supports pop-up windows.
  • It includes phone support.

It comes with everything in the Weebly Professional plan plus:
  • It enables you to accept payments via PayPal®.
  • It allows users to leave product reviews.
  • It lets you print shipping labels.
  • It provides advanced ecommerce insights and statistics.
  • It includes priority customer support.

Save Money With an Annual Plan

By purchasing a Weebly annual plan, you can spend less than if you opt to pay on a monthly basis. Here’s how much you can save per year:

Plan Type Monthly Cost Annual Cost Savings With Annual Plan

$9 $6 per month ($72 per year) $36 per year

$16 $12 per month ($144 per year) $48 per year
Performance $29 $26 per month ($312 per year) $36 per year

Breakdown of Weebly’s Plan Pricing

While we believe the Weebly Professional plan provides the best fit for most small businesses, we’ll now walk you through all the features and benefits of each plan so you can decide which will best meet your needs.

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The Weebly Personal Plan

The Weebly Personal plan is the least expensive paid plan Weebly offers. It costs just $72 per year when you pay on an annual basis. While this plan provides a custom domain instead of a Weebly subdomain, your website will still have Weebly branding.

Core Offerings

Here’s what you get with the Weebly Personal plan:

  • A Custom Domain: Weebly’s Free plan forces you to use a Weebly subdomain like “mybusiness.Weebly.com.” But, you get your own custom domain like “mybusiness.com” with the Weebly Personal plan. You can purchase your domain through Weebly, GoDaddy®, or another domain registrar.

Need help choosing a domain name? Use our domain name generator.

  • Website Security With a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate: Have you noticed when you visit some websites that you see the phrase “Not secure” in the address bar? That’s because the website lacks an additional layer of security that protects data sent through it, such as when someone makes a purchase or completes a form. All Weebly websites come with a free SSL certificate — a huge plus!
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools: For search engines to find your website, you must complete some SEO fields for each of its pages and images. Weebly provides all of those necessary SEO fields.

Check out our SEO 101 article for more details.

  • Basic Website Features: All of Weebly’s plans allow you to create a blog, add YouTube™ videos, photo galleries, and slideshows, as well as collect information via contact forms and opt-in newsletters. You’ll also find hundreds of free and paid apps in the Weebly App Center you can add to your site to increase its functionality.
  • The Ability To Add Third-Party Embed Code: If you plan to use a third-party app to collect email addresses, book appointments, or perform other services on your website, Weebly allows you to embed that app on your site. You simply need to obtain and insert a piece of embed code from the third party app.
  • Ecommerce Solutions: You can sell physical items on your website with any Weebly plan, but, with the Weebly Personal plan and other paid plans, you also can sell digital items like courses, ebooks, and other files. Unless you purchase the Performance plan, you must use the Square® payment processing platform (Square purchased Weebly in 2018). You can sell as many items as you like plus Weebly will automatically calculate sales tax for you and help you manage your inventory.
  • Customer Support: With the Weebly Personal plan, you can access help via email, chat, and the community forum. But, you don’t get phone support.


The Weebly Personal plan costs $9 per month. For an even better deal, sign up for the annual plan. Paying annually comes with a 33 percent discount, which reduces the total cost to $72 per year.

Ideal Users of This Plan

The Weebly Personal plan works best for individuals or non-professional businesses, such as a babysitting or dog-walking service. Anyone who wants to appear professional needs a site that displays their business’s branding, not Weebly’s. Yet, this plan does provide a lot of great features and allows you to have your own domain. That makes it a good option for some.

Check out the Weebly Personal plan for as little as $6 per month.

The Weebly Professional Plan

The Weebly Professional plan, at only $144 per year, is the plan we recommend for most small businesses. It gives you what you need to have a professional presence online.

Core Offerings

The Weebly Professional plan includes all of the same features as the Weebly Personal plan plus:

  • Unlimited Storage: While the Weebly Free and Personal plans only give you 500 megabytes (MB) of storage, the Weebly Professional plan includes unlimited storage.
  • Advanced Site Insights: While the Weebly Personal plan will tell you how many people visited your site, the Weebly Professional plan shows you where they came from and what pages they viewed. This plan also provides several key sales analytics.

Weebly pricing.

  • Your Own Branding: The biggest benefit of the Weebly Professional plan is that it removes Weebly branding from your website. You can have your own favicon (a small icon in the browser tab) with no annoying Weebly pop-up section.
  • A Free Domain: If you decide to purchase your domain through Weebly, you’ll get it free for the first year.
  • A Custom Footer: With the Weebly Free and Personal plans, you don’t get a customized footer. Instead, your visitors will see “Powered by Weebly” in your footer. With the Weebly Professional plan, you can create a custom footer. Another benefit of using Weebly, in general, is that there’s no footer template so you can include whatever information you want.
  • Phone Support: Weebly offers phone-based customer support with its Professional and Performance plans.
  • Enhanced Website Features: In addition to the basic website features included in the Weebly Free and Personal plans, the Weebly Professional plan also enables you to add high-definition (HD) video and audio files, a search box, and use a video in the background.
  • Membership Support: If you want to limit access to certain pages of your website to only specific members of a group, you can designate some pages as “Members Only.”


At just $144 per year when you pay annually, the Weebly Professional plan is a great deal.

Ideal Users of this Plan

We recommend this plan for most small businesses because it provides all of the functionality you need — unless you run a large ecommerce store. (Shopify® offers the best option for large ecommerce stores.) With your own business branding, SEO tools, and a whole lot more, this plan is where you should start.

Check out the Weebly Professional plan for as little as $12 per month.

The Weebly Performance Plan

The Weebly Performance plan ideally suits larger online stores. In addition to the advanced site insights offered by the Weebly Professional plan, the Weebly Performance plan provides advanced ecommerce insights.

Core Offerings

The Weebly Performance plan includes all the features of the Weebly Professional plan plus:

  • A PayPal® Payment Option: Because Square owns Weebly, it prefers that websites built with Weebly use the Square payment processing platform. But, you’ll have the option to use PayPal instead if you have the Weebly Performance plan.
  • Product Reviews: People love to read reviews about products before making a purchase. The Weebly Performance plan allows your customers to leave reviews for items in your online store.
  • Advanced Ecommerce Insights: In addition to the website traffic-related statistics that come with the Weebly Professional plan, the Weebly Performance plan provides ecommerce insights focused on store and product performance, email engagement, referral traffic, and more.


The Weebly Performance plan costs $29 per month. For an even better deal, sign up for the annual plan. Paying annually comes with a 10 percent discount, which reduces the yearly total to $312.

Ideal Users of This Plan

Created for ecommerce businesses, the Weebly Performance plan costs less than the Shopify Basic plan when you choose to pay annually. If you have an online store, give the Weebly Performance plan a try.

Check out the Weebly Performance plan for as little as $26 per month.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what each Weebly plan offers your business, you’re ready to move forward and create a professional website. To make this process even easier, follow the steps in our How To Make a Weebly Website guide.

Weebly offers a variety of plans to suit nearly any small business.

Managing and promoting your small business is now easier than ever with Weebly. Start your website today and sign up for the plan that best meets your needs.


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