10 Examples of Awesome Websites Built With WordPress

Thinking about choosing WordPress.com for your business website? Need a little inspiration to help you get started? The following list includes ten awesome examples of websites built on the WordPress platform. We chose a mix of larger and smaller businesses so you can see that this platform can work well for all business sectors. Through WordPress.com you can create an attractive, easy-to-use, search engine optimized website that will help you meet your business goals.

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Note: Some of these websites were created on WordPress.com and some were created on WordPress.org.

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F&F Properties (Property Management)

Wordpress.com website examples.

If you’re thinking about starting your own property management business, the F&F Properties WordPress website can serve as a great source of inspiration. This California-based company showcases its properties through vivid imagery and easily scannable property descriptions. In addition, F&F has linked its Appfolio account, which allows it to keep its listings and availability up-to-date and accept applications through its site. Furthermore, it has included a membership section, where residents can log in, pay their rent, and more.

This website made it on our list of ten great WordPress.com websites due to its excellent design, easy-to-use interface, and its mobile-readiness. If you’re planning to start a property management business of any kind, definitely check out the F&F Properties website.

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Treeland Nursery (Garden Center)

Wordpress.com website examples.

If you plan on starting your own plant nursery business, the Treeland Nursery website can help you understand what content, pages, and structure you should consider using for your site. This site perfectly highlights its inventory, uses clear calls to action (CTAs), includes helpful blog posts and guides, and highlights various ways of contacting the company through phone and social media. 

This simple, clean design includes everything a visitor would want to know about the nursery, the company, and the online purchasing process. Finally, the website also includes a “tree finder” to help its users select the perfect tree for their property and needs. Treeland Nursery’s website is an excellent example of how a garden center or nursery can structure its website.

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Star Wars Blog (News & Blog)

Wordpress.com website examples.

If you want to start your own news website or blogging business, the Star Wars blog is a great place to look for inspiration. The website’s dynamic design, vivid imagery, and easy-to-use interface deliver a memorable website that is quite popular among Star Wars fans. We particularly like that the website adheres to Star Wars branding guidelines and includes colorful photos and clear menus to help visitors find the content they’re most interested in.

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Rod McLean (Photography)

Wordpress.com website examples.

Rod McLean’s photography website is a great example of how photography businesses can effectively showcase their work. This website’s homepage features a gallery of images from the photographer’s portfolio, along with links to the projects, about, and contact page. This website has a clean yet impactful design that includes striking images on the homepage and clear, easy-to-read fonts. The grid format is popular among photographers, artists, fashion designers (and more) since it provides a great way to visually showcase a variety of pieces on a single page.

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Academy Self Defense (Fitness/Self-Defense)

Wordpress.com website examples.

If you’re thinking of starting your own self-defense training business, the Academy Self Defense website is a great place to start researching what content you’d like on your website and how you’d like it to look. This website’s homepage includes a striking image, clear text and CTAs, and a menu bar to help users effectively navigate the website. This website leverages website structure best practices and incorporates additional features that can improve the user experience (UX) like clear CTAs and a members portal.

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Tristate Plumbing (Plumbing)

Wordpress.com website examples.

The Tristate Plumbing website offers a great source of inspiration for entrepreneurs who are considering opening their own plumbing businesses. The simple, clear design of the homepage includes everything a visitor would need to access Tristate Plumbing’s services. The homepage includes a clear CTA above the fold (before a user has to scroll down), and several ways to contact the company. The background image adds to the impact of the homepage without making it look too busy. In addition, the website owner adheres to a limited color palette, so the website doesn’t appear busy or cluttered. 

Finally, this website adheres to website structure best practices and makes the entire website incredibly easy to navigate.

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Pip Christie (Freelance Copywriter)

Wordpress.com website examples.

If you plan to start a copywriting business— or create a website for your already established copywriting business— then the Pip Christie website is a great place to learn how other copywriters present themselves (and their businesses) online. This is a simple, five-page website, that includes brand messaging, fonts, and colors throughout the site. The structure is easy to understand and follow and uses simple, clean imagery to add a personal touch to the website. 

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Smart Chameleon (Digital Marketing Agency)

Wordpress.com website examples.

If you’re thinking about starting a marketing agency, check out the Smart Chameleon website. It’s an excellent example of a smaller marketing firm that knows how to put together a memorable website. It includes a simplistic color scheme, effective marketing copy, CTAs, and is a prime example of how interactive elements (fonts, flip cards, and animations) can add value to a website.

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Maxwell Heating & Cooling (HVAC Service Provider)

Wordpress.com website examples.

No matter what type of service-based business you’re looking to start (air duct cleaning, carpentry, garage door installation and repair) this HVAC website is the perfect place to begin the research phase of your website’s development. It incorporates niche-specific imagery, a simple color palette, and clear CTAs. In addition, this website includes all the pages a service-based website needs, clearly displays the company’s certifications and reviews, and even includes a video that introduces the company to the public. 

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Ohio Girl Travels (Travel Blog)

Wordpress.com website examples.

Whether you’re interested in starting a travel blog, food blog, fashion blog, or another kind of blogging business, the Ohio Girl Travels website is a great place to use for inspiration. It features a clean, elegant design, vivid imagery, and consistent branding throughout the site. Much like other sites included in this list, this website has a clear structure, social media links, and all the pages needed for a professional-level travel blog. 

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Final Thoughts

These ten WordPress.com website examples show you just how great your small business website can look and how well it can function.

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