Business Overview

A news website brings current events to its audience that can be told from a variety of angles. For example, some websites tell the news with a financial spin, or they offer a clear right- or left-leaning tone. Offering a unique point of view is one of the best ways to draw attention to your website over your competitors.

Who is this business right for?

Owners should not only keep up with the news, but also want to influence and entertain an audience as to what’s going on in the world. Owners should also have some expertise. For example, a climate change scientist who wants to cover stories about political change in different countries. Starting a news website doesn't have to involve flying to different places in the nation or the world, but owners should have some mobility and connections when it comes to getting a fresh take on a story. 

What happens during a typical day at a news website?

A news website owner may have the following tasks in their day:

  • Finding/writing stories
  • Creating layouts/logos

  • Soliciting advertisers

  • Maintaining social media channels

What is the target market?

Online target markets can vary, but can include liberals, conservatives, investors, or intellectuals. Many busy professionals today are looking for easily digestible news that can be easily accessed and consumed.

How does a news website make money?

News websites usually make money based from those who advertise on the pages. Advertisers can post their products or services on the side of news stories, and then pay a fee every time a reader clicks on their ad or buys their product. The more interest the advertisers get from your audience, the more you can charge for each click. 

Owners may want to consider putting up a paywall instead of doing advertisements. A paywall essentially asks your readers to contribute their own money for the stories. Paywalls can be dangerous because the news can be easily found online for free. However, there is a growing demographic of people who are tired of slow-loading sites because of all the advertisements on a page. If your content is addictive enough, using a paywall may be a smart way to make money.

What is the growth potential for a news website?

Growth potential in a news website can be slow, especially when first getting started. Some people caution that no one should create a news website with the hopes of making money. Most people already have a trusted source for their news, which can make it difficult for them to switch brands. However, there are plenty of passion projects that have skyrocketed to success by building up a loyal online audience over time.