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File Your LLC Annual Report

Why File an Annual Report?

After forming your LLC, it is important to stay on top of your state's filing deadlines to remain in good standing and avoid unnecessary fines and penalties. Basically it involves updating your registered agent address and paying your annual fee or franchise tax.

The following states do not require LLCs to file an annual or biennial report:

Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, and South Carolina

Note: The State of Alaska requires all LLCs to file an Alaska LLC Initial Report within six months of filing Articles of Organization.

Three Reasons to Hire a Registered Agent to File Your LLC's Annual Report

    1. Avoid the risk of penalties of late filing.
    2. Keep a flexible work schedule.
    3. Retain your personal privacy.

Read our full guide, What is a Registered Agent?, for more information.

Free Legal Forms for your LLC

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