How to Generate QR Codes For Shopify

Using Shopify QR codes can be an up-to-date way of directing traffic towards your online store in a user-friendly manner. 

In this guide, we explore what steps you can take to provide your customers with the best QR codes for their Shopify experience. We will also discuss what benefits dynamic QR codes can bring in for you as an ecommerce business owner.

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What Kind of QR Codes Should I Use for Shopify?

There are numerous kinds of QR codes that you can use in your Shopify store. While this will depend on the nature of your business and/or products and services, QR codes can be used to direct traffic to your most desired pages or online websites. 

This can be done by using the following QR codes:

URL QR Codes

Users can scan a URL QR code that directs them towards a specific URL. 

This can be very handy for ensuring that your most valuable products and/or pages receive the most traffic (e.g., other business websites, particular Shopify pages, etc.)  and can thus go a long way in increasing your sales and total revenue.

Social Media QR Codes

You can include social media QR codes within your Shopify store in order to enable your visitors to find your social media profiles easily. 

By using our free QR code generator, you can make QR codes that take users to your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

This can be a great way of “linking” different demographics (i.e., by taking advantage of different social media platforms.) and expanding your marketing reach significantly. 

Similarly,  including custom-made QR codes that align with your brand can provide a trustworthy way for your consumers to avoid following or looking up the wrong profile(s) online (e.g., duplicate accounts, spelling mistakes, etc.).

PDF QR Codes

Whether you want to include a PDF QR code in your Shopify store will likely be dependent on the nature of your products and/or services. 

For example, if your products are unique or require explanation, including a QR code that takes users towards a specific PDF document that acts as a guide or provides instructions as to how to use them may improve your customers’ experiences significantly. 

Contact QR Codes

Including contact QR codes within your Shopify store is pivotal because it lets your customers and prospective customers know that you value their time and feedback. 

As a small business, you want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to enquire about further information or leave feedback because this can be a very big part of building your brand image and customer loyalty in the long term. 

Contact QR codes can include:

  • Email QR codes
  • Phone number QR codes
  • SMS QR codes
  • vCard QR codes

YouTube QR Codes

YouTube QR codes can be used in a similar way to PDF QR codes in that they can direct users towards specific YouTube QR codes (e.g., longer explainer videos, etc.) that would likely not be suitable for a hosted website page. 

At the same time, directing your customers towards your business’s YouTube channel can — similarly with all other social media accounts — increase your user engagement. 

This can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Increased advertising power on social media
  • Increased leverage with potential sponsors
  • Improved brand image

How to Make QR Codes for Shopify

Making your Shopify QR codes can be done by following these three steps:

  • Find an online QR code generator that can make all of your desired QR codes.
  • Customize your QR codes so that they align with your business’s branding.
  • Download your QR codes and share them on your Shopify shop(s). 

Step 1: Finding an Online QR Code Generator

The process of finding a suitable QR code generator will be different for each business. This is because it will depend on your needs, priorities, and budget. 

Generally speaking, you should try to prioritize the following factors when deciding which QR code generator to use:

  • Number of features: Are all of your desired Shopify QR code types available? 
  • Ease of use: Will you need to sign up or include any sensitive private information before you can download your Shopify QR codes?
  • Price: Even though some generators may appear to have a very wide pool of features, it may be more suitable to pick a free alternative without the unnecessary extras. 
  • Brand image: Will your QR code generator’s logo be included in your QR codes? 

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Step 2: Customizing QR Codes

Customizing your QR codes comes down to choosing colors that align with your business’s branding, choosing your desired QR codes’ shapes, and adding your business logo. 

When you are choosing your QR codes’ colors, make sure that your final color contrast does not deviate too far from the color contrast seen in traditional QR codes (i.e.., white background with black modules.). 

This is because most QR code readers were developed to read traditional QR code color contrast, and so changing this can lead to scanning problems.

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Step 3: Downloading and Sharing QR Codes

Finally, you will want to download your QR codes and then share them on your Shopify store. 

Depending on the QR code generator that you use, you may be able to choose between different file formats (e.g., PNG, JPG, etc.), but this is unlikely to be too important when it comes to sharing your Shopify QR code’s efficacy. 

When it comes to printing your QR codes and sharing them on traditional advertising platforms (e.g., flyers, brochures, magazines, etc.) you may want to pay attention to your QR codes’ file formats as they can affect your image’s quality.

How to Best Use a QR Code to Help My Shopify Page

QR codes can help your Shopify page in two different ways:

  1. They can allow you to direct traffic from your Shopify store towards your other online platforms. This can be beneficial to improve your online presence, increase your social media influence, or advertise your products more effectively. 
  2. They can allow you to direct offline traffic towards your Shopify store, where they can make purchases. This is one of the most valuable aspects of using QR codes in any business, as it essentially “links” digital and printed marketing. 

Since all interested viewers will be able to instantly scan a QR code and be directed towards your online platforms, they will be much more likely to enquire about further information or make a purchase.

This can mean that Shopify QR codes can allow you to reap the following benefits:

  • Increased sales
  • Increased revenue
  • Improved user engagement
  • Increased conversions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shopify?An orange arrow pointing down

Shopify is a subscription-based platform that offers its consumers an online website for their business. 

Other perks are included, such as the management, shipping, and tracking of products.

What are the best Shopify QR codes for my business?An orange arrow pointing down

The best Shopify QR codes for your business will depend on what you hope to achieve as a result of using QR codes. If you want to increase your sales, a URL QR code that directs users towards your money-making websites is likely to be the way to go. 

Alternatively, if your goal is to increase your user engagement or increase your social media standing, you may want to use social media QR codes. 

Since QR codes can be generated entirely for free, you should experiment with a variety of different ones and see what works best for your target demographic and business model. Check out our free QR code generator and give it a try!

How should I scan QR codes on Shopify?An orange arrow pointing down

You can scan QR codes on Shopify in the exact same way that you would scan QR codes on any other platform: 

  • Find your mobile phone’s QR code reader. This will either be built-in in your device’s camera or will be done through a third-party app.
  • Aim your QR code reader on the QR code that you wish to scan. 

Can I make Shopify QR codes for free?An orange arrow pointing down

Yes, but this will depend on the QR code generator that you are using. 

Some providers require users to sign up for paid subscription plans in order to download their QR codes. This is particularly the case when it comes to dynamic QR codes. Check out our free QR code generator to get started.