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10 Examples of Stunning Websites Built With WordPress

Are you thinking about building your business website with WordPress? Do you need a little inspiration to get started? These 10 WordPress website examples prove that no matter what type of small business you operate, WordPress can help you create a dynamic, mobile-friendly, and search engine optimized website.

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WordPress website example.

10 Examples of Stunning Websites Built With WordPress

WordPress is known for being endlessly customizable and great for blogging and content creation. Use these WordPress website examples to inspire you to create your own successful business website.

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1. Espacio (Luxury Hotel)

WordPress website example.

Espacio’s website can provide some inspiration for your business website, especially if you’re thinking about opening a bed-and-breakfast or hotel. This Honolulu-based hotel and spa truly showcases how to build a beautiful, dynamic website on the WordPress platform. For example, its homepage features a full-screen video that includes images of spa services, the hotel grounds, and ocean views.

This website also showcases the hotel, its spa, and its restaurant, Mugen, through a simple, yet elegant navigation menu. In addition, visitors can book their accommodation directly by clicking on the “Reserve” button located in the top-right corner of each page.

2. PawPrint Pets (Pet Trainer)

WordPress website example.

The PawPrint Pets site will help you understand how a website in the pet training business can look and feel. This website enables the company to highlight its services, share customer testimonials, offer training manuals via an online shop, and allow customers to book their services directly. Its simple, intuitive design includes all the information visitors need to know what the company is about and how to access its services.

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3. Tinkering Monkey (Custom Signage Provider)

WordPress website example.

Tinkering Monkey’s attractive, yet functional website provides a great example of how your site could look. This website does an excellent job of highlighting the company’s products and services and can really give some good ideas for business websites like made-to-order cabinets or custom prints. It also makes it easy for visitors to start working with Tinkering Monkey by prominently featuring “Get Started” buttons throughout the site.

Much like the Espacio website mentioned above, Tinkering Monkey uses a video to enhance its homepage. The company’s homepage also features vivid imagery that showcases its portfolio and previous clients. Finally, Tinkering Monkey adheres to best practices when it comes to setting up its website’s structure. This not only helps the site perform well in online search results, but also provides a positive user experience.

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4. Wage War Apparel (Clothing Retailer)

WordPress website example.

The Wage War Apparel website can offer inspiration to anyone thinking about starting an ecommerce store, clothing line, or clothing boutique. For example, this clothing retailer’s site incorporates vivid colors, uses a slideshow in its homepage header to showcase its custom designs, and seamlessly integrates customer accounts and payment methods.

Importantly, it includes all the key elements of a good website — from an easy-to-follow structure and contact details to a mobile-responsive theme.

5. S’well (Sustainable Products Brand)

WordPress website example.

The S’well website provides even more inspiration for business owners looking to start an ecommerce store. It features a clean design, a striking color palette, and an easy-to-navigate structure. Its homepage incorporates a slideshow just below the navigation menu followed by icons and links to its product categories. Further down the homepage, this brand highlights its products’ features and several customer testimonials.

This website also leverages website structure best practices and incorporates several additional features that enhance the overall user experience.

6. MOD Pizza (Pizzeria)

WordPress website example.

The MOD Pizza website offers an excellent source of inspiration for entrepreneurs thinking about opening a pizza shop or other kind of restaurant that includes delivery. This site not only features eye-catching photos and colors along with clever marketing copy, but also makes it easy to access its menu and order food online.

Much like the other examples on this list, MOD Pizza’s website has a clean structure that includes all the elements you’d expect to see on a pizza delivery site: a menu, an easy-to-find “Order Now” button, location details, and more information about the company. But, this site’s color choices and catchy web copy truly set it apart from the competition. If you want to create a website for your sit-down or delivery-only restaurant, definitely peruse the MOD Pizza website to see why it works so well.

Do you have a restaurant-focused WordPress theme in mind for your website? Learn How To Install WordPress Themes directly from the WordPress theme repository or by uploading a premium theme purchased from a WordPress marketplace.

7. National Archives Foundation (Nonprofit Organization)

WordPress website example.

The National Archives Foundation website is a great place to research how other nonprofits present themselves online. This site incorporates the organization’s brand colors throughout its design, features an easy-to-read navigation menu, and highlights the nonprofit’s purpose in a slideshow on the homepage.

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8. Oak Marketing (Health Marketing Agency)

WordPress website example.

Check out the Oak Marketing website for a great example of a small firm doing things right. It features a simple, yet effective color scheme and several calls-to-action (CTAs). The homepage also highlights the agency’s services and value proposition along with a clear menu to help visitors easily navigate the site.

9. Dunn’s Heating, Cooling and Plumbing (HVAC Service Provider)

WordPress website example.

The Dunn's Heating, Cooling and Plumbing site makes a great place to begin the research phase for your plumbing, carpentry, carpet-cleaning, or garage door installation and repair,business website. It incorporates brand-specific colors and imagery to showcase the company’s branding and mission. It also features easy-to-spot CTAs, a clear website structure, and a short video that highlights the company’s commitment to providing excellent service.

10. Pages of Travel (Travel Blog)

WordPress website example.

As the blogging industry continues to thrive, would-be blogging business owners should check out the Pages of Travel website for inspiration. It features a clean, yet elegant design with beautiful images that showcase the authors’ brand. Similar to the other websites on this list, the Pages of Travel site includes a clear menu structure and plenty of links to the owners’ social media accounts. It also makes it easy for companies and tourism boards to learn how to work with the Pages of Travel bloggers.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these 10 website examples provide great sources of inspiration as you decide exactly what you want your website to look like and how it’ll function.

When you’re ready to create a WordPress website for your business, check out our step-by-step instructions for getting started with WordPress.

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