Business Overview

Almost every building with a kitchen or bathroom has cabinets, which are made by cabinet making businesses.

With new buildings constantly being constructed and existing ones regularly being remodeled, there is a strong and steady demand for these businesses. According to IBISWorld, the cabinet and manufacturing industry has been growing at 5.2 percent annually over the past five years and brings in more than $16 billion each year in revenue.

Who is this business right for?

Anyone who enjoys woodworking and has an eye for detail may enjoy running a cabinet making business. Making cabinets involves working hands-on with wood, but all measurements and cuts must be precise.

What happens during a typical day at a cabinet making business?

Cabinet making business owners spend a lot of time making cabinets, which involves measuring, cutting, fastening, and gluing. When not actually building cabinets, business owners may be designing cabinets with customers, or delivering and installing finished cabinets.

What is the target market?

The target market for a cabinet making business is largely contractors, home builders, interior designers, and architects. Although property owners are the people who ultimately pay for cabinets, these professionals are the gateways to property owners. Property owners will ask for recommendations, and many will use the cabinet maker that their contractor, builder, interior designer or architect recommends.

How does a cabinet making business make money?

A cabinet making business makes money by selling finished cabinets. Cabinets might be sold individually, or a set fee may be charged for a project.

What is the growth potential for a cabinet making business?

How large a cabinet making business can become depends partly on what type of cabinets the business makes.

Businesses that specialize in custom cabinetry usually remain small and serve a defined geographic area. They might build 5 cabinets in a day.

Businesses that offer stock cabinets can ship finished units throughout the country. They may manufacture 2,000 cabinets in a factory each day.