Business Overview

An acupuncture clinic advises patients on numerous matters, including alternative medicine and general health maintenance. Typical visits with patients last between half an hour and one hour and allow you to monitor the health and progress of a patient. Along the way, acupuncturists use their skills to help treat patients' ailments.

Who is this business right for?

This job requires specialized training in the form of an acupuncture-related degree from any Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. This formal education helps to provide you with the theories and best practices associated with acupuncture. In addition to being uniquely suited for those who have studied in this field, this job is perfect for those who like to make the world better one person at a time by helping people achieve happiness, productivity, and peace that they may have lost.

What happens during a typical day at an acupuncture clinic?

There are many daily activities associated with an acupuncture clinic. These activities include making appointments with patients, diagnosing patients, explaining that diagnosis to patients, and treating those patients via needles and/or other tools. You must also maintain and organize your patients’ records while overseeing all of your employees.

What is the target market?

On a completely practical level, the best clients are those who pay promptly and are receptive to your diagnosis and instructions. Generally speaking, these will be middle- or upper-class clients who are ready and willing to embrace alternative medicine, and who can afford to pay out of pocket, as most insurance companies don't cover acupuncture yet.

How does an acupuncture clinic make money?

An acupuncture clinic makes money by charging clients a particular amount for each visit. The amount may be different based on the nature of the visit, such as charging a higher amount for an initial diagnosis or different amounts for more complex treatments.

What is the growth potential for an acupuncture clinic?

The growth potential for acupuncture clinics is very strong. Research conducted by revealed that this field will grow by as much as 32 percent by the year 2022. Additionally, more Americans have some form of health insurance than ever before, and a growing number of insurance companies will help pay for acupuncture.