Business Overview

The adult coloring book industry has exploded in recent years. In 2015, the Washington Post reports, an estimated 12 million coloring books were sold. For comparison, an estimated 1 million was sold in 2014.

An adult coloring book company helps provide grown-ups with a creative outlet by both designing and marketing coloring books. These coloring books are usually highly detailed.

Who is this business right for?

People who are highly creative and have a knack for artistic expression may enjoy, and be good at running, an adult coloring book company. Business owners often design coloring books themselves, at least until their business is well established, and creating a coloring book requires a considerable amount of artistic skill.

A coloring book company doesn’t require a business owner to keep specific hours, so it’s possible to start a company while working at a traditional job.

What happens during a typical day at an adult coloring book company?

The day-to-day activities of running an adult coloring book company include creating coloring pages using drafting programs or other means, taking and fulfilling orders (including both retail and wholesale orders) and marketing coloring books. Business owners must also either self-publish or order runs of coloring books, and design coloring books. These latter activities take a lot of time, but they can be done almost any time of the day (or night).

What is the target market?

A coloring book company’s ideal customer is someone who is creative, and either has free time or needs to pass time (such as at a doctor’s office or airport). A coloring book provides a creative outlet, but it takes time to color.

How does an adult coloring book company make money?

An adult coloring book company makes money by selling coloring books. Books can be sold either directly to customers (retail), or to stores and distributors (wholesale).

What is the growth potential for an adult coloring book company?

Even a small adult coloring book company can reach customers throughout the country and world, thanks to online retailers.