Business Overview

An adult foster care business is a cross between independent living and a nursing home. Those who need minor to moderate assistance will move into a residential facility staffed with one or several caregivers. Caregivers are not medically trained but can provide support and emergency assistance to residents on a 24-hour basis.

Who is this business right for?

This business is perfect for those who want to help senior citizens or those with special needs, but who don't have the medical background to open a full-fledged nursing home.

What happens during a typical day at a adult foster care business?

Caregivers will follow a routine based on the needs of the people in their care. They may dispense medicine, help with basic daily hygiene, cook meals, and take charge of any planned activities or outings. Owners will also need to schedule time to manage the home's finances, pay staff, and market their business.

What is the target market?

Adult foster care is the ideal solution for people who don’t have severe enough needs for a nursing home, but who need someone to watch over them and help with daily tasks. The target demographic is stereotypically older people in relatively good health. However, owners can also consider opening up residential facilities for people of any age who have minor physical or mental disabilities.

How does a adult foster care business make money?

Adult foster care businesses typically have anywhere from one to five people in a residential setting. Owners charge rent and utilities plus an extra premium for the caregivers' assistance.

What is the growth potential for a adult foster care business?

As the population ages, the growth potential for this business grows. More and more people want additional full-time care options that don't involve moving into a nursing home. Because it’s not a medical facility, your adult foster care business can also be run for fewer expenses than a nursing home. Residents can share a room or pay a premium for a single.