Business Overview

Aerial sports offer people outstanding views, adrenaline-inducing flight and lots of fun. Before people take off paragliding or hang gliding, however, they first need to learn how to take off, fly and land safely. Aerial sports instruction businesses offer lessons to novice, experienced and even expert flyers on how to safely enjoy these sports.

Who is this business right for?

People who enjoy being outdoors and like aerial sports may be well-suited for opening an aerial sports instruction business. Business owners should be flexible and strong enough to fly paragliders and hang gliders. They should also have good people and communication skills, as much of their time will be spent interacting directly with students.

What happens during a typical day at an aerial sports instruction business?

An aerial sports instruction business owner spends much of their time teaching students how to fly paragliders, hang gliders and similar equipment. When not teaching students, a business owner may spend their time maintaining and repairing equipment, managing any instructors they hire, marketing their business, scheduling classes and monitoring the weather (to see if conditions are conducive to flying).

What is the target market?

An aerial sports instruction business’ ideal customer is someone who enjoys adrenaline-inducing sports, but is new to paragliding or hang gliding. Such a person will be open to taking a class, and they may get hooked and want a lot more instruction. Additionally, most customers that are able to afford instruction have a decent amount of discretionary income.

How does an aerial sports instruction business make money?

Aerial sports instruction businesses make money by charging for lessons on paragliding, hang gliding or other aerial sports. Lessons may be one-day long, or they may build on each other in longer courses.

What is the growth potential for an aerial sports instruction business?

Most aerial sports instruction businesses operate from a single location. Many business owners are able to find plenty of students to fill their schedule, as well as the schedules of other instructors.