Business Overview

Animal husbandry is the breeding and raising of livestock for agricultural purposes. Consumption is the primary purpose of husbandry, with many farmers using every resource available from each animal. Some invest in cattle for their milk production and/or to make and sell cheese, while others invest in poultry for their eggs. Each region has its own strengths and weaknesses; entrepreneurs considering this field should consult with their state’s animal husbandry department to come up with a strategy that would work best in their region.

Who is this business right for?

Have you ever dreamed of running your own farm? Of providing nourishment for your family and others in your community? Do you enjoy working with your hands and being at one with nature? Is the freedom that comes with being your own boss something you’ve thought about repeatedly throughout the years? While animal husbandry requires hard work, it is an exceptionally rewarding and fulfilling career.

What happens during a typical day at an animal husbandry business?

This industry encompasses a broad spectrum of goods and services. The specifics of your day will vary depending upon the types of animals you raise and the goods you intend to offer. Goats, horses, sheep, pigs, cattle, and chickens are just a few of the animals raised on farms throughout the country. Each of these animals require their own type and amount of land, fencing, cleaning, and food. Your days will be spent ensuring both the land and the animals are well-maintained and that equipment is kept in running order. Equally as important will be your marketing and networking efforts and administrative duties. A meticulously written business plan is critical for your farm’s long-term growth and profits. Conduct thorough research to ensure your land’s resources align with the animal’s needs and that there is a market for the goods and services you plan to offer.

What is the target market?

Target markets for animal husbandry businesses vary depending upon a number of factors. When developing your business plan, conduct thorough research to identify local market needs. Approach markets, restaurants, and health food stores. Speak with individuals in the area. What is your region lacking and how can you fulfill those needs? Can any of your products be sold online and shipped? If so, this significantly expands your potential client pool. How will you reach each of these groups?

How does an animal husbandry business make money?

Animal husbandry businesses make money through the sale of their farm raised livestock and/or the resources the livestock produces.

What is the growth potential for an animal husbandry business?

For as long as humans exist on this Earth, there will be a need for food. The two primary sources of food are animals and crops. Out of the various divisions of the agricultural industry, animal husbandry is the most profitable. Growth is reliant on acreage and market need, with many farmers opting to expand their businesses across multiple states.