Business Overview

Many people enjoy having fish, as they’re a relaxing and peaceful pet. People don’t always, however, have the time or inclination to properly look after a fish tank. An aquarium maintenance business cleans and maintains aquariums, usually serving both businesses and individuals. These businesses let people have beautiful, healthy aquariums without personally cleaning them.

Who is this business right for?

Anyone who is passionate about fish and aquatic life may be well-suited for running an aquarium maintenance business. It’s helpful to be both self-motivated and a people person, as business owners often work alone but frequently interact with clients.

This is a type of business that can be started part-time, while working another job full-time. Until a business is established, a business owner can schedule their service calls for evenings and weekends—or whenever they aren’t working elsewhere.

What happens during a typical day at an aquarium maintenance business?

An aquarium maintenance business owner spends much of their day driving to clients’ sites and cleaning their aquariums. Cleaning an aquarium can involve:

  • testing water for proper chemical balances
  • checking and changing filters
  • wiping algae off of the aquarium glass
  • assessing the health of fish
  • addressing any other issues that arise
  • other tasks related to keeping the aquarium clean and healthy

At the end of a service, business owners typically review what was done with the aquarium owner and make any recommendations that are appropriate.

When not actively servicing aquariums, business owners spend time cleaning their equipment, maintaining their own stock of fish and plants, ordering supplies, billing clients and seeking new clients.

What is the target market?

An aquarium maintenance business’ ideal client is a pet store that sells fish. Pet stores not only have multiple aquariums that need to be cleaned, but they’re also where people go to purchase fish and fish tanks. These stores can be a source of both ongoing work and other potential clients.

How does an aquarium maintenance business make money?

An aquarium business makes money by charging clients for aquarium maintenance and cleaning services. While fees are usually based on the service provided, they may be calculated from a desired hourly rate. For instance, a business owner that wants to earn $60 per hour might charge $45 for a service that they expect will take 45 minutes to do.

What is the growth potential for an aquarium maintenance business?

Most aquarium maintenance businesses service a single region. They’re generally located in cities, where there are more businesses and people who may want aquariums. Fish Geeks and Aquarium Design and Maintenance are two examples of businesses that service a single area.