Business Overview

Several years ago, self-publishing revolutionized the traditional and ebook industries. Now, new audiobooks publishers are taking over the audiobook industry -- which is the fastest growing format in publishing.

Audiobooks are no longer published only by major publishing houses, but they’re also being put out by smaller audiobooks businesses. Audiobooks businesses may publish their own works, works of other publishers or works in the public domain in audio format.

Who is this business right for?

Anyone who loves books may enjoy running an audiobooks business. The work makes books more accessible by putting them into a format that allows them to be enjoyed whenever the listener desires, even when driving or performing other tasks.

What happens during a typical day at an audiobooks business?

Work at an audiobooks business involves three distinct stages:

  • Acquiring the audio rights to a book
  • Narrating the chosen book
  • Publishing and marketing the finished audiobook

Each of these stages comes with distinct tasks. When acquiring audio rights, business owners are in regular contact with authors, agents, and publishing houses. This is followed by hours of solitary work while the book is read and recorded. Finally, marketing requires communicating regularly with others while also analyzing data privately.

What is the target market?

With the proliferation of smart devices that can stream audio, the market for audiobooks is huge. Most people read occasionally, and an increasing number of people are preferring to listen to books.

How does an audiobooks business make money?

Audiobooks businesses make money by producing and selling audiobooks. Businesses may earn a royalty per book sold, a flat fee per book produced, or a combination of the two.

What is the growth potential for an audiobooks business?

An audiobooks business may be a small operation that produces just a few books, or it can become a large company that has thousands of titles available. Karen Cummins has a smaller audiobooks business with just over 50 books available. Brilliance Audio has offered audiobooks since the days of tape decks and is one of the largest businesses in the industry.

Podium Publishing offers a reference for how quickly an audiobooks business can grow. The company produced 200 titles in their first five years (and won several awards). This was an aggressive schedule and called upon the talents of multiple professionals.