Business Overview

A balloon distribution business uses one or more venues to sell balloons to various audiences. Your balloon distribution business may sell its wares from your home, a separate storefront, or on the street through a vendor stand. You may operate your business year-round or choose to focus on special occasions. You may also decide to sell all manner of balloons or have a specialty, such as creating balloon animals.

Who is this business right for?

Because your primary audience is young children, this business is solid for those who are great with children. If you choose a specialty such as creating balloon animals, you must already be highly-skilled at creating balloon animals on demand. Finally, this business is best for someone who really knows their area: many balloon businesses operate from mobile trucks or stands, so knowing the best areas to reach the most people is a major part of your success.

What happens during a typical day at a balloon distribution business?

Most of your daily activities come from ordering, displaying, and/or creating balloons and balloon animals for children. A big part of your salesmanship comes from entertaining the children, so there is more interaction with individual customers than in a normal retail job. When you are not ordering, displaying, or selling, you will likely be working on your website and social media presence and looking ahead to future special events that your business can best capitalize on.

What is the target market?

As mentioned earlier, your best clients are young children. Selling to children allows you to sell more balloons with popular tv and movie characters printed on them, as this will make the child even more enthusiastic about the balloon. You can also charge more for character balloons.

How does a balloon distribution business make money?

The model for your business is quite simple: you charge customers different sums of money for different styles of balloons.

What is the growth potential for a balloon distribution business?

The growth potential for this business is modest, with industry growing by about 2.5% from May of 2012 to May of 2016. The exact potential for growth is typically determined by your region and whether there is much competition for your specific services.