Business Overview

A bead business sells beads, tools, and craft supplies to professional crafters and hobbyists. Inventory can be sold online or in a brick and mortar establishment, with some business owners working out of their home. Business owners have several market opportunities and revenue streams to choose from, including retail and wholesale sales.

Who is this business right for?

Owning and managing a retail business requires hard work, dedication, and long hours. Entrepreneurs who love the craft and enjoy learning and educating others about various beads will find fulfillment and success in this business venture.

What happens during a typical day at a bead store?

As mentioned, bead shop owners have a variety of opportunities to generate income. The specifics of their days will be defined by how they decide to structure the business.

Day-to-day duties include the following:

  • Checking stock, reordering inventory when necessary
  • Keeping retail showroom clean and orderly
  • Researching new trends, collaborating with regular customers to identify which new styles are relevant to your area
  • Marketing to target audience
  • Networking and maintaining relationships with bead suppliers
  • Maintaining website and fill online orders
  • Administrative duties

What is the target market?

Bead shops generally rely on the local population to support their business. With the right online marketing plan, you could reach crafters and bead enthusiasts across the country. Artists who make and sell jewelry, clothing, and costumes should also be included in your marketing strategy.

How does a bead store make money?

Bead shops generate revenue through the sale of their beading inventory. Items can be sold online, out of their home, or in a shop. Many entrepreneurs serve both retail and wholesalers’ needs, while others choose to focus on just one type of customer.

What is the growth potential for a bead store?

According to a Association for Creative Industries survey, crafters spend more $30 billion annually. Approximately 40% of that is earned from the sale of beads. While there is significant room for growth, new business owners are urged to carefully select their store’s location to avoid over saturation.