Business Overview

A berry farm can operate in one or both of the following ways: it can sell its berries to a distributor, such as a farmers market, or it can let customers into the field to pick the berries themselves, charging by the weight of the berries that the customers picked.

Who is this business right for?

Individuals with farming experience and the acreage to grow berry bushes and plants will be some of the best fits. Having experience or training in agricultural management and business is also a desired skill set. If you choose to open a pick your own (PYO) farm, experience in customer service and public speaking can also prove beneficial.

What happens during a typical day at a berry picking farm?

Since you are running a farm, much of the day-to-day activities will consist of tending to the fruit trees and plants. There will also be some amount of time marketing and selling your produce. And, if customers are picking fruit in your farm, customer interaction will be an important part of your routine. In particular, you will be:

  • Feeding, mulching, and planting crops
  • Pest control and pruning
  • Monitoring and repairing irrigation systems
  • Routine maintenance and upkeep on farm equipment
  • Ordering fertilizer and re-stocking supplies
  • Interacting with customers on social media or a website
  • Interacting with you-pick customers
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Harvesting and packaging produce
  • Managing your staff

What is the target market?

Restaurants or wholesale food distributors will make up the bulk of your commercial berry business. You will be dealing with seasonal high volume sales. For the you-pick farm, your clientele will be more adventurous consumers who enjoy the time spent harvesting their own fruits. This customer will be looking for high quality berries and an inviting atmosphere from the owner and staff.

How does a berry picking farm make money?

Berry farms generate revenue from the sale of their produce. If selling to a wholesale retail buyer, the pricing is by flat. You-pick sales are by the fruit and by the pound.

What is the growth potential for a berry picking farm?

Generally, berry farms are popular, as many consumers enjoy fresh fruits. The you-pick market has become particularly popular as of late. Farming can be an all-consuming endeavor, but berry farms can be modest in size, yet still give profitable returns. For many larger farms, they not only offer fresh produce, but also job opportunities to many local and regional workers.