Business Overview

Body piercing, also known as body modification, has become a popular form of self-expression for individuals of all ages. A professional piercer offers a wide variety of piercing options, from a simple ear piercing to more complex areas, such as the eyebrow, tongue, and nostril.

Who is this business right for?

Piercing shop owners who have realized long-term success are fully engaged in the art and body modification community. They value the freedom to express oneself and embrace art in its many different forms. Individuals who encompass these values and possess the entrepreneurial spirit and drive to elevate the careers of other artists should consider opening their own body piercing business.

What happens during a typical day at a body piercing shop?

Before opening your business, you’ll want to determine how large of a role you’d like to take in running the shop. Some owners are only interested in handling the business aspect of the shop, while others wish to be fully immersed, piercing clients a majority of their day.

When a customer comes in for an appointment, the piercer meets with the client to discuss their needs. In this consultation, they’ll determine piercing placement and jewelry. Once the specifics have been ironed out, the piercer will gather the necessary tools and perform the piercing. After the piercing is complete, the piercer will spend some time educating the client on proper aftercare procedures. Depending upon the piercing placement, this whole process can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.

In addition to piercing, you’ll also need to place inventory orders, sterilize needles and equipment, and handle any administrative tasks that need your attention. Downtime is spent marketing the business and networking within the community.

What is the target market?

A piercing shop’s largest customer demographic is 18-30 years old. For this reason, many owners choose to set their business up in an area where younger people frequent or live, such as near a university. Some shops cater to a much younger audience, targeting girls who are getting their ears pierced for the first time. To realize long-term success, however, you’ll want to cater to consumers of every age, as body modification has gained popularity amongst individuals young and old.  

How does a body piercing shop make money?

Piercing shops generate revenue from each piercing performed. There are generally several artists sharing studio space, often with varying specialties and talents. Each artist either pays rent to the owner or offers the owner a percentage commission of each customer they serve.

What is the growth potential for a body piercing shop?

Body modification has become increasingly socially acceptable, allowing consumers to freely express themselves without fear of repercussion in the workplace. As a result, the growth potential for the body piercing business has expanded. While many owners choose to keep their business small and intimate, there are some, such as Sweet & Sassy, who’ve found success opening multiple locations and targeting a specific audience.