Business Overview

As a result of urban growth, and more people moving to the city where their yards are small (frequently only a balcony), the bonsai tree business has boomed.  There is a great appeal in owning tiny bonsai trees, which might be only 18" high instead of 60' high. Business owners can be very successful since both local sales and Internet sales are becoming extremely popular.

Who is this business right for?

This is a wonderful business for gardeners, tree aficionados, stay-at-home workers, and lovers of miniature objects. Business owners can start off selling starter plants to earn a living while they grow two to five-year-old trained bonsai trees for a larger income. It's a great opportunity for someone who doesn't have a lot of space to work with. This is also a great opportunity for someone to combine their growing skills with their Internet sales skills.

What happens during a typical day at a bonsai tree business?

A bonsai tree business involves growing and training bonsai trees. Trees can be either grown from seeds, or from plugs from a wholesale nursery. Most bonsai tree growers open up a local shop, which requires maintenance, as well as opening up a storefront on eBay, where they can either  auction off their trees or sell them at fixed rates. Bonsai tree accessories, especially pots, must also be purchased, cleaned, etc. in preparation for selling.

What is the target market?

Corporate customers are great buyers of bonsai trees, which greatly enhances their customer relations. Hobbyists, home gardeners, and people searching for gifts are also great customers to target. Clients who don't expect to put any effort into maintaining bonsai trees are less preferred, as these plants do require some amount of regular care.

How does a bonsai tree business make money?

A bonsai tree business makes money by purchasing bonsai seeds, plugs, pots and growing supplies from wholesale nurseries, growing them, and then selling them at a significant profit locally or online.

What is the growth potential for a bonsai tree business?

Unlike products that have an expiration date, bonsai trees get increasingly more valuable each year. An investment of a few hundred dollars can turn into a lucrative business in the space of a few years. Bonsai are considered "high-value" trees that increase in popularity each year, especially with urban customers who lack the space to grow full sized trees.