Business Overview

Bounty hunters track down criminals who have skipped out on their bail and bring them back to the county in which they were arrested. In the US, bounty hunters catch 90% of the people who jump bail, which means bounty hunters enjoy a generally favorable reputation with bail bondsman.

Who is this business right for?

This business is good for someone who wants to be a combination of a stand-alone police officer and private investigator. Not only is it risky to become a bounty hunter, but it’s also incredibly time-consuming. You’ll need a flexible schedule to track a fugitive down (in some cases, traveling thousands of miles to find them). And while it likely won’t be anything like a reality T.V. show, it’s worth understanding and accepting the risks before choosing this line of work.

What happens during a typical day at a bounty hunter business?

Most cases start with a call from a bail bondsman. A bondsman has put up the money needed for a criminal's bail and desperately wants to get the money back by bringing the fugitive to court. Bounty hunters will typically travel to the bondsman and obtain power of authority, which allows the bounty hunter to arrest the fugitive. Then, the bounty hunter will get the personal information (e.g., financial data, car make and model, etc.) before setting out to track the person down.

What is the target market?

Most of the time, it’s bail bondsman who hire a bounty hunter. However, friends or family members who scraped bail money together may also hire a bounty hunter to recover their savings.

How does a bounty hunter business make money?

Usually, bounty hunters only charge people if they’re able to catch the fugitive. This way, bounty hunters are highly motivated, and bondsmen have every incentive to hire them to get the job done.

What is the growth potential for a bounty hunter business?

Bounty hunters who are efficient at what they do have an excellent chance at achieving growth — even if the competition in an area is fierce. Bounty hunting is not an exact science, and it's inevitable that some will be faster and more productive than others. Bondsman will look for these qualities before deciding who to hire.