Business Overview

The beauty and personal care industry generates more than $84 billion annually in the U.S alone. As consumers become increasingly aware of the benefits of natural products, beauty care manufacturers and retailers are now investing in the latest trend - beauty products infused with CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis. Major retailers such as Sephora, Barneys, and Neiman Marcus are investing in CBD-infused face masks, hair products, cosmetics, and creams, offering a unique and profitable business opportunity for those looking to break out in the beauty industry.

Who is this business right for?

This industry is best suited for the business savvy entrepreneur who has a connection with cannabis and its benefits. They are passionate about educating the public of its benefits, recognizing it as a “super beauty ingredient.”

What happens during a typical day at a cannabis beauty products business?

Most investors partner with a private label manufacturer, who develops and produces their clients’ consumer goods. You will work closely with them to formulate and manufacture the CBD-infused products you conceive, determine packaging options, and ensure adherence with FDA rules and regulations. To remain relevant in the cannabis beauty product industry, business owners must remain abreast of current and emerging trends, continually striving to introduce new and innovative products. Additionally, networking and marketing will be an integral part of your day. When not working to expand your business, your team will focus on administrative duties, filling orders, and offering advice to customers regarding their personal needs. If a brick and mortar is part of your business plan, you and your staff will also need to maintain the facility and keep the shelves stocked, taking a more hands-on approach to customer service.

What is the target market?

Your target market includes consumers who are educated regarding the benefits of cannabis, particularly when it comes to skin care and beauty products. They are committed to natural living and possess the financial means to invest in their own wellness. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to conduct thorough research to identify which products have saturated the market and which ones are still needed.

How does a cannabis beauty products business make money?

A cannabis beauty product business generates revenue from each sale. These sales come from multiple sources, including online, 3rd-party retailers, and the business’ own beauty supply store.

What is the growth potential for a cannabis beauty products business?

CBD-infused beauty products are in such high demand that Wall Street analysts are beginning to treat it as its own, standalone category. Despite its popularity, this is still a fairly new industry, offering significant room for growth and profits for entrepreneurs looking to get in on the ground floor.