Business Overview

Car window repair businesses service customers with broken or cracked front and rear windshields and windows.

Who is this business right for?

Individuals with a strong work ethic, knowledge of car and truck window systems and great customer service abilities will fit well. As a small business, one must also understand financial and managerial techniques for said businesses.

What happens during a typical day at a car window repair business?

Window repairs and replacements dominate the day to day activities for a car window repair business. Interacting with customers, ordering and receiving parts, and installing and finalizing window replacements are a regular part of this business. In addition, there will be an emphasis on

  • training and instructing employees
  • processing orders and payments
  • inventorying stock items
  • advertising and marketing for the business
  • communicating with parts distributors
  • travel costs for work and training programs

What is the target market?

Auto glass repair shops focus on customers needing to replace broken or damaged car windows. Whether as individuals, or as part of an insurance replacement claim, customers will often seek you out. They will find you, based on price, location, and reputation or recommendation, so make sure your customer service skills are top notch and on display.

How does a car window repair business make money?

Car window repair businesses make money from customer repair orders. Some orders will be from individuals choosing to fix broken or damaged windows from their own pockets. Other repair orders will be generated from insurance claims.

What is the growth potential for a car window repair business?

Car window repairs will continue to be a necessity, unless windows are made indestructible. There will always be some level of competition in this business, but there will also always be a need. The key to success will be to set yourself apart from the competition through superior customer service and competitive, yet fair pricing.