Business Overview

A cemetery provides services for those who have passed away. Their primary purpose is to provide a plot of ground for burial, but an owner can certainly take on more responsibility for the benefit of their clients. They may assist in arranging funerals, provide cremation, or supply necessary items for loved ones (e.g., caskets, urns, etc.)

Who is this business right for?

Cemeteries are not a very joyful business, so an owner will need to be able to separate work from home life. They should be comfortable dealing with those who are grieving and understanding of how to insert themselves during a difficult time without becoming too much of a distraction.

What happens during a typical day at a cemetery business?

Cemeteries follow a fairly stringent routine when it comes to working with clients. While each business will be slightly different, a typical day will usually involve meeting with clients, making arrangements based on their wishes, providing the services, and maintaining the grounds of the cemetery. It may also include general advertising or administrative tasks such as billing and budgeting.

What is the target market?

The main market for your cemetery business will be family members or friends of people who have recently passed away. Although funeral and burial arrangements are most often organized by family members of the deceased, some of your customers will include people who would like to ensure that their burial plans are in order before they pass away. 

How does a cemetery business make money?

Cemeteries make money by charging people for the plot of land, headstone, casket, and transportation.

What is the growth potential for a cemetery business?

This is not a popular business for fairly obvious reasons, meaning it's a good opportunity for those who can handle it. Established competing cemeteries may run out of land faster than they realize and may not have the option of expanding. Or other cemeteries may have owners or staff that are callous or greedy with their customers, which can all translate to excellent growth potential for a newcomer.