Business Overview

A challenge course business provides clients with the opportunity to face their fears and work together to complete a series of outdoor activities. A challenge course, also known as an adventure course, is a business which offers groups and individuals different obstacles like climbing towers, high rope courses, low rope courses, and zip lines to overcome. Most challenge course businesses focus on team building by helping members of an organization build confidence and trust through working together to solve problems.

Who is this business right for?

Lovers of the outdoors who have experience in military or police training, summer camps, or scouting are uniquely qualified to own and operate a challenge course business. Depending on the type of clients which a business focuses on, a background in psychology, corporate training, or education is helpful. This kind of business needs an owner who is hands on. Owners should be passionate and excited about meeting new people.

What happens during a typical day at a challenge course?

Much of the day-to-day activities of the owner a challenge course centers on marketing. Promotion and sales are important parts of the business. Owners may need to meet with leaders of organizations to sell the programs. Many owners enjoy leading skill courses themselves.

What is the target market?

Organizations are the biggest and best customers for many challenge course businesses. Team building and outings are the bread and butter of many challenge courses companies. Other adventure courses have a selection of programs which interests different types of groups from young kids to older adults.

Currently, many courses located in the rural areas do not have a large number of individuals and couples as customers. This is changing as the popularity of mini-rope courses at malls and amusement parks encourage people to seek out challenge courses.

How does a challenge course make money?

A challenge course company can earn money in several ways. Most businesses in this industry earn money by charging clients to take part in a pre-made package. A growing number challenge courses now offer a customizable curriculum and may even host an overnight outing. Some adventure courses offer birthday parties and other event packages.

An increasingly popular model for earning more revenue is by offering self-guided, pay-to-play, access to the course when a group is not using the course.

What is the growth potential for a challenge course?

According to Adventure Park Insider pay-to-play challenge courses are continuing to increase the popularity of challenge courses. Zip lines, zip line tours, and high ropes are among the most wanted attractions.