Business Overview

A chimney sweep business is a business which makes money by sweeping and cleaning fireplaces and chimneys. Normally, several workers service homes, apartment complexes and businesses. Chimney sweeping is pretty cheap to conduct, and chimney sweep owners can generally make a large profit by charging healthy costs. Chimney sweeps are done on a job-to-job basis, and owners can adjust prices depending on a project’s length and difficulty.

Who is this business right for?

The chimney sweeping business is great for any construction or industrial worker who can cope with danger. A chimney sweep needs to be educated on the art of sweeping, and they need to be knowledgeable about safety before performing duties.

The chimney sweep business is also great for anyone who loves servicing and cleaning homes. Commercial cleaners also make great chimney sweeps. A chimney sweep business can be self-run, so the owner doesn’t necessarily need management knowledge.

What happens during a typical day at a chimney sweep business?

Typically, chimney sweeps clean between six and eight chimneys a day. If they’re a full-time sweep, they also spend a good amount of time pricing their services.

First, a chimney sweep will inspect the establishment. Next, they’ll mark down which services to use. Services vary depending on a chimney’s construction materials. All services also focus on the cleaning of wood, oil, and gas burning chimneys. The detection, prevention, and correction of chimney and venting hazards also takes place.

Then, the chimney sweeping team uses tools, cleaning materials, and knowledge to fix any issues, clean away debris, and repair any broken materials. If a project needs more attention, a sweep can create an ongoing service plan.

What is the target market?

Your target market will be residential homeowners and small to medium-sized business owners. Mostly, you’ll direct services towards homeowners with chimneys. As for commercial properties, look for factory, store, and production plant operators who own multiple chimneys. Because your profits will rely on the number of chimneys cleaned, clients with more chimneys should be your primary market. You can also target real estate investors who own multiple rental properties that may need servicing.

How does a chimney sweep business make money?

A chimney sweep business makes money by cleaning, repairing, and touching up chimneys and fireplaces. Some chimney sweep businesses may expand services to roof repair, roof cleaning, and gutter cleaning. While most chimney sweep businesses charge by the number of chimneys cleaned, some charge by the hour.

What is the growth potential for a chimney sweep business?

In most cases, a chimney sweep business will stay local. This doesn’t mean they can’t expand to serve a regional clientele, however. A lot of chimney sweep businesses become local favorites, and those with great prices and services can easily become an area’s best providers. Successful chimney sweep providers offer far more than simple chimney cleaning services. Often, they serve commercial properties and provide ongoing services.