Business Overview

Chiropractic clinics are an alternative modality that supplement conventional medicine. Their aim is to improve spinal mobility. This usually also means adjusting various parts of the spine, including the low, middle, and upper back area, as well as the neck. Patients often choose this type of therapy when they are dissatisfied with conventional treatments or want pain relief that conventional medicine does not offer.

Who is this business right for?

This business is right for individuals who have good spatial awareness, dexterity, and who love working to help people with medical problems.

What happens during a typical day at a chiropractor clinic?

Day-to-day activities of a chiropractor include meeting with patients, diagnosing illness, manipulating soft tissue, and performing chiropractic adjustments on patients. Some chiropractors also do consulting with primary care physicians.

What is the target market?

Preferred clients are those with ongoing health issues that need continuous work. Direct pay patients lower administrative costs. However, billing insurance may provide more consistent income.

How does a chiropractor clinic make money?

The way most chiropractors make money is by charging a fee for services. Usually, this includes a chiropractic adjustment and general mobility work for the patient. Services are billed either directly or to insurance. A chiropractor may charge an hourly fee but generally charges a flat fee per session.

What is the growth potential for a chiropractor clinic?

Potential for growth depends on the market in your area. Many chiropractors operate as a small owner-operated clinic. However, it’s possible to expand this business easily by hiring more doctors to work at your practice.

Even owner-operated clinics start with a small staff that includes a receptionist and accounting or HR staff.

After the first year, consider hiring more staff and expanding with additional chiropractors. You have the choice of building your own brand or buying into a franchise opportunity. Franchises are generally for individuals who want a ready-made business platform with marketing and sales support.