Business Overview

A cloud consultant provides advice, services, and instructions to businesses who want to move their data to the cloud. They may hold formal classes to bring people up to speed on the new protocol for organization, security, and storage.

Who is this business right for?

This business is great for people who enjoy working with computers and learning more about how data can be protected from a variety of threats. There are many cloud providers, each with its own specific set of updates and options. This is a complicated business, so consultants should enjoy researching and learning the details of the cloud.

What happens during a typical day at a cloud consulting business?

Cloud consultants answer questions, provide training, and update their clients on how they can make smarter decisions when it comes to their infrastructure. They may do the actual conversion of data and/or perform updates to the software as needed.

What is the target market?

The target market can be any business, though small businesses will likely be your biggest demographic. Most larger businesses will already have a team of consultants to keep up with their troves of data. You may also be able to market your services to individuals. People are increasingly putting sensitive information online and looking for the most effective ways to protect that information from being lost or compromised.

How does a cloud consulting business make money?

Cloud consultants charge for their time and expertise. They may have different packages for their clients, depending on the size of their business and the services they require.

What is the growth potential for a cloud consulting business?

General adoption of the cloud has been extremely popular. More and more people are discovering that storing data on individual servers is as wasteful as it is inefficient. All cloud providers have seen growth in this past year, providing a tremendous opportunity for cloud consultants to jump into an exploding field.