Business Overview

While a content marketing agency focuses on creating content, the nature and purpose of that content may change from client to client. Some clients primarily want to increase their customers via traditional advertising, whereas others want content that integrates with their sales funnel and improves the process of gathering leads. Still other clients may want help developing their unique brand and creating a social media presence in which their target demographic may engage with that brand.

Who is this business right for?

Content marketing is, put simply, an intersection of creativity, sales, and media management. Thus, this job is ideal for someone who is already experienced in one or more of those areas. For instance, someone with a background in writing will have an easier time creating certain kinds of content, whereas those with a background in advertising will approach content from a different angle. Sales veterans will understand how all of this impacts a company's bottom line, whereas savvy social media users will understand the need to use non-traditional channels to build, maintain, and propel a company's brand.

What happens during a typical day at a content marketing agency?

Some of your daily activities at your content marketing agency include creating the specific content clients want, such as writing articles or shooting videos. You will then be sharing that content via the company's chosen channels, which may be very diverse if they are big believers in multi-channel marketing. Some of your time will be spent analyzing analytics to determine the effectiveness of your content—basically, you are determining if their demographics are responding well to chosen content or if you should change your approach. You will also be communicating with prospective clients, collaborating with existing clients, and researching things like SEO optimization to improve your future content.

What is the target market?

Part of owning a content marketing agency is that you will work with a wide variety of clients, from individuals with small projects to major corporations. The primary characteristic of your best clients is simply that they keep open, frequent, and honest communication with you. As a content provider, you must deliver what the client wants, so clients that are upfront about their needs and open to feedback and critique will make things easier for you.

How does a content marketing agency make money?

On the most basic level, a content marketing agency makes money for helping facilitate and deliver content for a client. This amount is usually some kind of set fee for different projects, though the nature of the payment will fluctuate with the nature of the work. For instance, you may simply be paid by the project, especially for larger projects. You may be paid a fixed amount each month in which you are contractually obligated to produce a certain amount of content. You may also be paid as a consultant for things like company blogs, the company website, or their social media presence.

What is the growth potential for a content marketing agency?

The growth potential for a content marketing agency is significant based on recent trends. For instance, the amount of content marketing jobs listed on the job-finding Indeed website increased by 350 percent between 2011 and 2015. Basically, content marketing is tethered to content delivery methods, and the sheer explosion of apps and other non-traditional channels means there is more need for content than ever before