Business Overview

These businesses are usually companies that are hired by other companies for marketing projects. They craft content such as blogs, social media posts, industry reports, and more. Copywriting companies work on a freelance basis because there aren’t many companies that hire writers exclusively. Because of this, you should aim to work with multiple clients to keep work steady.

Who is this business right for?

This business is only suitable for individuals who have a passion for writing or managing writers. It helps to have excellent command of the English language, but you don’t need to be an English major. You will work long hours and work tends to be unpredictable. Some clients will demand nights and weekend work for projects.

What happens during a typical day at a copywriting business?

Day-to-day activities usually involve meeting with new clients, checking for assignments, billing for work completed, managing workflow (usually in a spreadsheet or similar application), researching other companies’ brands and general culture, and of course writing and completing assignments from those clients.

What is the target market?

Ideal clients for a copywriting business are typically large corporate clients who can afford a professional writer or team of writers. Larger clients are also more likely to have ongoing or regular projects and assignments, providing a more stable source of income.

Avoid clients who are smaller or who have no (or very little) budget for projects. Individual clients are more risky than corporate clients.

How does a copywriting business make money?

Most copywriting companies charge clients a flat rate per word or a flat rate per project. However, some companies charge tiered rates depending on the amount and type of work being performed.

What is the growth potential for a copywriting business?

A small company may only consist of one or two writers. A larger company is usually set up to accommodate a team of writers. Most of the time, a small copywriting business can be run out of an apartment or house.

Larger operations can be set up in a more traditional office setting.

If a good reputation is built, these businesses can even expand to take on clients from dozens of companies at once.