Business Overview

A corn maze is a large labyrinth made entirely from corn stalks. Customers pay an entrance fee for the challenge of making their way through. Corn mazes take place in the fall after the harvest but before the plants go dormant for the winter. Corn mazes are often depicted as scary, but many maze operators will design their corn maze for people of all ages.

Who is this business right for?

People with a passion for novelty entertainment. Owners should want to delight people with exciting twists and turns in the maze, giving customers a real challenge they'll want to tell their friends and family about.

What happens during a typical day at a corn maze business?

Owners will spend their time constructing and maintaining the maze, working with customers, and managing staff. They should also budget time for negotiating an insurance policy and marketing their business.

What is the target market?

The target market can be anyone looking for something fun and different to try. Families may want to come with their children, or teenagers may come with a group of friends.

How does a corn maze business make money?

A corn maze business will charge people to enter the maze based on operation costs, or they may charge a flat fee for private parties. Owners may also sell food and drinks to customers to supplement their income.

What is the growth potential for a corn maze business?

Owners have an opportunity to get the majority of the community involved, especially if their maze is satisfying enough to spark plenty of word-of-mouth advertisements. However, corn mazes are limited by distance in that people will only travel so far to attend. Owners should assess the demographics and population of their community before determining if they should move forward.