Business Overview

As an alternative to the traditional casket funeral services, many consumers are choosing cremation for themselves or loved ones. Cremation offers families options on the final resting place and reduces funeral costs considerably.

Who is this business right for?

A compassionate individual who is comfortable with the disposal of human remains would do best in this profession.

What happens during a typical day at a crematorium?

A cremation business owner will fall into an established routine, with the occasional deviation in schedule.

Day-to-day activities will consist of:

  • Scheduling cremation services
  • Networking and communicating with funeral homes
  • Marketing for your customer base
  • Scheduling routine maintenance on building and equipment
  • Researching your industry and emerging trends, equipment, and techniques
  • Scheduling and training staff
  • Handling various administrative duties
  • Complying with safety procedures

What is the target market?

Your clients will often consist of other funeral homes, who are using your facility and equipment. Many established funeral homes are not equipped for cremations on site and must turn to an outside service. In some cases, a crematorium will operate independently and will see customers directly.

How does a crematorium make money?

Cremation businesses make money off of each cremation they perform.

What is the growth potential for a crematorium?

The crematorium industry is rapidly expanding and becoming increasingly profitable. Numerous families and individuals are making the choice to cremate, as opposed to the traditional funeral procedures and cost. Many pet owners are also choosing to cremate, which adds another facet to the industry.