Business Overview

A custom portrait business specializes in creating portraits in a variety of styles and mediums for a diverse array of clients. Your custom portrait business may specialize in mediums such as pencil, paint, or even crochet. You may run a business where customers order a portrait in advance, or you may offer to create a custom portrait on the spot for them.

Who is this business right for?

Obviously, this is a business designed for an artist. However, not just any artist: you must be comfortable doing a lot of interaction with many kinds of customers (especially if you are doing portraits on the spot), and you must be able to work quickly, both to achieve customer satisfaction and to increase your margin of time and profit.

What happens during a typical day at a custom portrait business?

The daily activities of the custom portrait painter are simple: you will communicate with current clients and work on advertising to and communicating with prospective clients. Otherwise, much of your work day is taken up by practicing your craft and working on the portraits your clients have ordered.

What is the target market?

While you will likely have a diverse array of clients, young families will generally be your best clients. They will be interested in creating portraits featuring spouses, young children, or the entire family.

How does a custom portrait business make money?

On the most basic level, your business makes money by charging people for custom portraits. Typically, the price per portrait goes up if the medium is more complex, the portrait more realistic, and the overall project more time-consuming.

What is the growth potential for a custom portrait business?

The growth potential for a custom portrait business is modest when looking at industry projections for the next few years. However, it is worth noting that such a business has extremely low ongoing costs and a low investment to start, meaning that the majority of each sale translates to profit for the artist.