Business Overview

Dog sledding is a historic sport that captivates the imaginations of many, and it’s no longer limited to harsh winter environments. Dog sledding businesses let people experience this sport first-hand by offering dog sled rides and tours.

Dog sled businesses aren’t limited to cold places like Nome, Alaska (where the Iditarod ends). Innovative products and business owners are bringing these businesses to warmer climates and metropolitan areas, in addition to cold remote regions.

Who is this business right for?

Anyone who enjoys being outdoors and working with dogs might like running a dog sledding business. Ken, owner of Peace Pups Dogsledding, identifies the motivations of most business owners well. Dog sledding gets you outside in nature and you get to spend your workdays with dogs.

What happens during a typical day at a dog sledding business?

A day at a dog sledding business is full of activity. Business owners:

  • feed and clean up after dogs
  • play with and exercise dogs
  • train dogs and introduce new dogs
  • maintain and repair gear and facilities

Several times a week, business owners will take their team out for a run. Each run may be with or without customers.

What is the target market?

The target market for a dog sledding business tends to be vacationers. People on vacation have discretionary income to spend, are willing to spend it and are looking for activities to do.

Within vacationers, dog sledding businesses tend to attract active individuals who love the outdoors, winter and dogs.

How does a dog sledding business make money?

A dog sledding business primarily makes money by offering tours via dog sled. In warm weather, tours may be given on a cart rather than a sled. Offering cart tours helps extend what would otherwise be a seasonal business into a year-round one.

Some businesses also offer tours of their kennels, but many are willing to share their dogs with interested parties for free. Even those that do charge for kennel visits normally only charge adults a nominal fee and let kids in for free. This isn’t a major source of revenue.

What is the growth potential for a dog sledding business?

Running a dog sled business is time-intensive, and dog teams develop special bonds with their owner. For this reason, dog sled businesses usually have a single location. Business owners can’t work with teams in different locations.