Business Overview

A dried flower business will sell dried flowers to hobbyists or craft stores. A flower preservation business will save important flowers, like wedding bouquets, for interested parties. Owners may do one or both of these services, but they are separate. Dried flowers do have a demand amongst a variety of people who use them to finish their craft projects. Flower preservation is perfect for those who want to scrapbook their memories, or fill boxes and chests with important mementos. Demand has increased for dried flowers over the past few years, as more people discover easy and fun DIY challenges.

Who is this business right for?

This business is excellent for someone who loves to spend time in their garden, and who understands how plants react to a variety of different circumstances. You don’t need to have formal education in botany, but you should be willing to experiment with different types of techniques and plants.

What happens during a typical day at a dried flower business?

This business is normally started as a part-time enterprise (at least at first). Here are some activities that may be included in the normal day of a dried flower business owner:

  • Finding craft shows/stores to partner with
  • Marketing services online and in-person to hobbyists.
  • Growing and maintaining a garden
  • Drying out plants
  • Freeze drying plants
  • Choosing new crops for your business
  • Harvesting flowers at the proper time

What is the target market?

You’re looking for people who love to make their own decorations. Lampshades, bags, and candle holders are just a few decor items that would benefit from dried flowers, meaning there are a wide range of hobbyists available.

You may also want to market to those who want to keep their bouquets from different events intact, and store them in special keepsake places. For example, a child may want their dried flowers in a family chest from their First Communion or middle-school graduation.

How does a dried flower business make money?

Maintaining a garden and crops doesn't necessarily take very much money to do, and flowers are some of the most profitable plants to sell on the market. Those who run these businesses can base their prices based on demand in the area. The key is finding a steady group of hobbyists who come to rely solely on your flowers.

What is the growth potential for a dried flower business?

Normally this business is done as a side venture to a person’s full-time job, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Flower drying can grow exponentially if you establish yourself in a community as the go-to for decorative plants or sentimental keepsakes.