Business Overview

Drone photography involves the taking of photos or videos by an autonomous UAV or one controlled by a person who manually operates it via remote control. Commercial drone photography plays a role across a wide range of industries including real estate, farming, films, advertising, and much more.

Who is this business right for?

A drone photography business is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who wants to make good money by combining their love of photography or videography along with their passion for flying. There is a high technical barrier to the business, so it is critical that potential business owners are dedicated to achieving a high degree of technical fluency. A drone photography business usually requires a lot of traveling to clients, so you will need to be comfortable with possible overnight travel.

What happens during a typical day at a drone photography business?

A drone business owner spends most of the time running the back-end of the company. This involves marketing, speaking with potential clients and current clients, securing permission for flights, filing paperwork, and handling the billing. Only a small percentage of work time is dedicated to operating a drone and editing photographs or video footage.

What is the target market?

Real estate agents, people who are selling a piece of property or a boat, advertising companies, and even local athletes are all potential clients. Your ideal client is anyone who wants to showcase something in a spectacularly unique way using aerial photography or videography.

How does a drone photography business make money?

A drone photography business can choose the best type of pricing policies to fit their clients. Some drone photography businesses charge their clients a set price for a complete package which includes everything from shooting to editing. Other businesses choose to charge an hourly rate for the shoot and a separate editing fee. A few drone photography businesses choose to provide only the raw footage to their clients.

What is the growth potential for a drone photography business?

The growth potential is huge. There are currently only around 3000 certified commercial drone pilots in the United States, yet the popularity of aerial photography continues to grow. With the high level of technical knowledge required to enter into this field, the opportunities for work will continue to outpace the availability of licensed drone pilots to accept the work.