Business Overview

Etiquette training gives lessons to people of all ages on the proper way to conduct oneself in a variety of settings, especially in the professional world. Etiquette can cover how to act in both international and domestic settings, from a formal dinner in Japan to a debutante ball in Georgia. As globalization becomes more common, these types of lessons can be invaluable for many companies and professionals. Etiquette trainers may give online lessons or in-person lessons, depending of their budget and location. The instructions may be anything from cell phone etiquette for teenagers to the best way to send a thank you letter after a job interview.

Who is this business right for?

This business is good for someone who understands how and why we use formal behavior to signify the meaning of certain events. An instructor can be successful though even if they only specify in one event, such as teaching Americans how to eat continental style. To really exceed and expand the business, entrepreneurs should have a background and interest in their chosen field to give the best possible advice and instruction to their students.

What happens during a typical day at an etiquette training business?

Owners may have the following agenda for their day.

  • Marketing etiquette to groups or individual clients
  • Maintaining an up-to-date website
  • Creating lesson plans for each class
  • Coordinating and planning formal practice events
  • Ongoing education about new customs or changes to business etiquette

What is the target market?

Typically the people you’re looking for will be in the professional world, attending college, or families who want their children to learn proper manners. Technically, this could be anyone, but you'll find typically find the most demand with the more affluent members of society. You should also offer a way for interested parties to obtain their own formal certification as well.

How does an etiquette training business make money?

These businesses make money by charging people for lessons, or for charging event fees which also includes the instruction. Etiquette training can be marketed to colleges, families, businesses, and individuals. You may also want to consider opening up a franchise branch from an established company, such as The Etiquette School of Singapore.

What is the growth potential for an etiquette training business?

It is highly depends on where you’re located, but the need is out there. You can also offer online programs to expand your services further if there is little interest in your own community. Most companies or colleges do not need a full-time etiquette trainer, so you need to find a variety of clients to hit your revenue goals.