Business Overview

An exercise clothing store focuses on selling various brands of clothing designed for exercise and athletic activities. Some clothing will be exercise specific, custom fit, or a recognizable name brand. Customers who choose these stores are often searching for unique or professional options, other than what may be found in department store selections.

Who is this business right for?

For individuals with an eye for style, function, and form, an exercise clothing store may be the perfect fit. If such an eye for detail is coupled with the owner’s participation in sports and exercise, the customer benefits greatly. Being able to understand what each customer needs, based on their exercise goals and body type is paramount for success.

What happens during a typical day at an exercise clothing store?

Interaction with customers will constitute a substantial portion of the day. There will also be time spent re-stocking and ordering new apparel, maintaining inventory, and researching new products and clothing approaching the market. A good clothing store, no matter the type, understands that paying attention to industry trends is an important facet of the overall job.


  • clean, straighten displays, and ready the store for another day of customers
  • plan and initiate advertising and marketing strategies
  • compare store pricing vs. regional competitors
  • maintain social media output
  • create customer dialogue

What is the target market?

Your target audience is anyone involved in exercise or athletic events who wishes to shop and buy a bit more from clothing specific retailers.

How does an exercise clothing store make money?

Exercise clothing stores create revenue through the sale of their clothing and accessories.

What is the growth potential for an exercise clothing store?

Exercise clothing is currently in a popularity boom with numerous different types of people deciding to embrace a casual, yet sleek fashion look. In addition, there are numerous individuals who spend a large portion of their time exercising, working out, or playing sports. Therefore, the current growth potential is very favorable. An important factor of your success, though, will be the market research you perform, prior to opening your business. You must understand your area and your competition’s market quite well, in order to create a market for your own business. Is the population the right fit and for which styles? Will your business be unique enough to bring new customers in? There are many exercise apparel stores currently operating, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for more.