Business Overview

Serve the movers and shakers in your neighborhood at your very own upscale eatery. Fine dining often incorporates the very best in cuisine, superlative customer service, and a unique ambiance that encourages patrons to pay extra for the opportunity to share a meal at your location. This is not a business where cutting corners and bargain shopping will serve you well.

Who is this business right for?

The owner of a fine dining restaurant will have a passion for exquisite food, love to network with customers and local celebrities, and be able to clearly define the line between work and social hour.

What happens during a typical day at a fine dining restaurant ?

While there is the obvious part of cooking and serving meals to the paying public, that is only the tip of the iceberg. Here are some additional tasks your restaurant will need to manage:

  • Take reservations for future dates
  • Coordinate with kitchen to ensure just enough fresh product is available to prepare tonight's meals
  • Maintain the dining room, allowing no sign of dirt or wear to appear on any surface or utensil
  • Work with local farms, gardens, wineries, craft brewers, and wholesale suppliers to create a unique menu and wine cellar
  • Provide event options for weddings, rotary clubs, anniversary dinners and other celebratory moments
  • Clean the kitchen to create a sanitary environment to prepare the cuisine
  • Train servers to provide superlative service with complete knowledge of the menu and wine list
  • Maintain the building
  • Pay vendors, suppliers, and employees

What is the target market?

If you are situated in a large metropolitan area, there will be plenty of high-end executives and wealthy individuals who will look to you for a special night on the town. In more rural neighborhoods, your most common customers will be politicians, local celebrities, and resident patrons of the area economy.

How does a fine dining restaurant make money?

Your profit is generated through charging for the food served to your clientele. While it might seem like profits will be huge in such an exclusive location, you will also be paying a premium for your chef, maitre d’, manager, and other employees. The cost of sourcing the freshest ingredients also eats into your bottom line.

What is the growth potential for a fine dining restaurant ?

Should you find the magic mixture of menu, service, excellent food, and an electric atmosphere, there is every possibility you may look at adding extra seats in the near future. Franchising into multiple locations should only be considered once you have passed the five-year mark with continued growth forecast, otherwise you may end up looking down a very large hole of debt.