Business Overview

When it comes to our mother tongue, most of us don’t give language a second thought. However, without language, almost all aspects of life as we know it would break down. Teaching foreign languages gives others access to a completely fresh perspective on human life, as seen through the lens of a new language. With today’s growing rate of globalization, starting a foreign language instruction business can offer you an exciting and profitable career.

Who is this business right for?

Teaching a language generally requires a person to be fluent in that language. However, a language lover who is still learning might consider teaming up with others who are fluent in order to start this business. Definitely, one must possess a real passion for world culture, and an interest in sharing that appreciation with his or her students. This is what makes the challenges of language-learning worthwhile.

What happens during a typical day at a foreign language instruction business?

The models for a foreign language teaching business are varied, and so are the general activities one would expect to encounter as a business owner. Typically, foreign language instruction business owners are also teachers themselves. As such, common activities include:

  • Evaluating students’ language proficiencies
  • Preparing individual or group lessons
  • Correcting students’ in-class or at-home assignments

In addition to these tasks, a foreign language instruction business owner should set aside time to find interesting and relevant learning material to share with his or her students. This might include foreign language films, music, artwork, newspapers, or magazine clippings that not only provide an opportunity to improve one’s language skills, but also give students a chance to learn more about the customs and lifestyle of the people who speak their target language.

What is the target market?

A foreign language instruction business can attract a wide variety of students: children and adolescents, business professionals, doctors and nurses, or people who simply enjoy the adventure of travel.

How does a foreign language instruction business make money?

A foreign language instruction business makes money by offering lessons in one or more world languages. Students may pay for one class at a time, or purchase a certain number of classes up front. An additional source of revenue could include the sale of language-learning materials, such as books, CDs, and DVDs.

What is the growth potential for a foreign language instruction business?

It all depends on your ambition and organizational skills. Foreign language learning is now in higher demand than ever, as international travel and communication becomes easier and more vital to the global economy. Some may prefer to keep their business local, while others may choose to branch out over time and develop a worldwide brand.