Business Overview

Your furniture store may focus on less expensive pieces created by massive factories or cater to an wealthier customer seeking unique designs built specifically for their home or business. Some stores include lighting fixtures, electronics, appliances, and outdoor furniture, and they may offer design services.

Who is this business right for?

If you enjoy the ever changing landscape of home design, working with the public, and enjoy the challenge of building a profitable business, a furniture store may be the right option for you.

What happens during a typical day at a furniture store?

If you operate a furniture store, on any given day you might be expected to:

  • Ensure all the furniture displays are spotlessly clean and attractive
  • Work with customers to find the right piece of furniture that matches their style and budget
  • Review new collections of furniture and decide which ones your store will sell during the next season
  • Place orders with furniture factories to meet customer orders or to have "in-stock" for immediate delivery
  • Provide a welcoming environment for your shoppers which may include snacks, coffee, or extra entertainment
  • Design new displays for incoming furniture collections
  • Offer in-home consultations for customers seeking to develop a unified design
  • Schedule furniture deliveries for customers

What is the target market?

Some clients change out their furniture as home fashion changes, ordering a new sofa every few years.Your return clients will generate the most income. At the same time, everybody needs to buy beds, so creating a welcoming environment that appeals to most people is crucial. Colleges and property maintenance companies will purchase large quantities of inexpensive furniture on a regular basis.

How does a furniture store make money?

You will generate income by selling a large quantity of furniture to as many people as possible. You buy the furniture from factories at wholesale prices and sell at a higher price, netting a profit.

What is the growth potential for a furniture store?

The most successful furniture stores don't have unique furniture to sell, but create a shopping experience and atmosphere that encourages their shoppers to linger, test, and discover their favorite item among many options. When you build that unforgettable service experience combined with reasonable prices, it is possible to expand your furniture store into a chain.