Business Overview

A fusion restaurant combines two distinct types of cuisines to create a new style. For example, a Korean-Mexican restaurant may serve barbeque tacos dressed up with kimchi and jalapenos. Fusion restaurants serve to expand the culinary tastes of those in a community and can inspire everyday cooks to take more creative license with their own culinary approach.

Who is this business right for?

This business is excellent for a foodie who enjoys introducing new flavors to people’s palates. The ideal owner should be obsessed with different combinations of foods, and familiar with how different foods, textures, and spices pair together. Owners also need to be passionate and persistent. The restaurant industry is incredibly competitive and has a low profit margin, so a solid attitude will go a long way toward succeeding at the beginning.

What happens during a typical day at a fusion restaurant?

A fusion restaurant owner has a variety of tasks to complete throughout the day:

  • Overseeing employees
  • Ordering supplies
  • Maintaining cooking equipment
  • Ensuring health standards are met
  • Reviewing and adjusting menus
  • Advertising and marketing tasks

What is the target market?

You want customers who are interested in trying new things when it comes to how they eat. You may have a difficult time finding a major market in smaller cities and towns in the US, so you should concentrate on the major tourist areas or large cities. You also want your clientele to be those who understand different types of cuisines separately. If they’ve never had Korean or Mexican food before, then their first experience likely shouldn't be at a fusion restaurant because it may turn them off from both cuisines entirely.

How does a fusion restaurant make money?

Dishes are generally priced at a significant margin over the cost of what's on the plate. Ultimately, an owner can charge whatever the market will allow, but most restaurants will triple the price of the ingredients on the plate to cover the labor costs, rents, etc. of the restaurant.

What is the growth potential for a fusion restaurant?

Growth potential is defined by a variety of factors, though it is possible to experience major growth in fusion food. Fusion restaurants are often seen as trendy due to their uniqueness, which means you have the potential for major social media proliferation as well as general word of mouth. Roy’s is a California cuisine/Hawaiian chain restaurant that has managed to achieve a very steady clientele offering fresh foods that satisfy.