Business Overview

Mobile game trucks offer a full user experience for gamers of all ages. Attendees of these events will utilize the modified truck to play various video games and listen to music. With the gaming community expanding daily, business owners have a unique opportunity to get in on the ground level of a profession that promises to deliver increasing profits for years to come.

Who is this business right for?

Gamers are the ideal candidate for this niche business. Not all gamers, however, are created equal. This profession also requires an individual who enjoys interacting with others, particularly children. Those who are children at heart will not only realize success, but will truly enjoy their new career.

What happens during a typical day at a game truck business?

Since the bulk of your business will be conducted on the weekends, Monday through Thursday can be dedicated to promoting your business, booking events, and prepping the truck for upcoming parties. On event days, you’ll deliver the game truck and host the party, ensuring attendees have access to the games they’ve requested.

What is the target market?

This is a highly niche community based on the concept revolving around gaming. The world of gaming, however, has realized rapid growth over the last decade, firmly planting its roots amongst generations both young and old. While your most common clients will be younger children, this unique event concept has quickly gained traction amongst adults as well.

How does a game truck business make money?

While fees vary depending upon the specifics of each party, your business will generate income through each booked and completed event. Successful game truck entrepreneurs host at least 10 parties a week and will need to book multiple events per day on weekends.

What is the growth potential for a game truck business?

When first starting out, it’s recommended to limit your business to one mobile game truck. While this limits your earning potential, it affords you the opportunity to gauge community response and the necessity for more trucks. Once you’ve determined this is a sound investment, you can then consider adding additional trucks. If your community is currently lacking in this industry, yet you don’t want to juggle multiple trucks, many businesses have found success franchising their organizations.